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Asthma medications such as Aerolin, Atrovent and Beclomethasone, for example, are free of charge from the popular pharmacy and are used to control asthma, relieving symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing when breathing.


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Asthma medications such as Aerolin Atrovent and Beclomethasone for example are free of charge from the popular pharmacy and are used to control asthma relieving symptoms such as shortness of breath coughing and wheezing when breathing. They should be prescribed by the pulmonologist according to the severity of the asthma the symptoms and the number of times they arise also taking into account the intensity of the Asthma medications attacks. In this way the remedies for allergic asthma bronchial asthma or childhood asthma that may be prescribed to control the disease can be: Asthma bronchodilators Short-acting: Examples: Salbutamol Aerolin Albuterol or Terbutaline Indication: should be used in asthma attacks because they dilate the bronchi facilitating the entry of air into the lungs quickly Side effects: tremor especially in the hands restlessness nervousness palpitations headache arrhythmia and increased heart rate Long-acting: Examples: Salmeterol or Formoterol Indication: should be used regularly to treat and control asthma and never in

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Asthma medications attacks because they dilate the bronchi facilitating the entry of air into the lungs on a prolonged basis Side effects: equal to short-acting bronchodilators Anticholinergics: Examples: Ipatropium bromide Atrovent or Tiotropium bromide Spiriva Action: relax the muscles of the lungs to relieve the feeling of shortness of breath Side effects: dry mouth urinary retention and constipation Corticosteroids for Asthma Examples: Beclomethasone Clenil Fluticasone or Budesonide Indication: should be used in the treatment of Asthma medications in most patients because they reduce inflammation of the bronchi and airways decrease the secretion of mucus in the airways and dilate the bronchi Side effects: hoarseness oral candidiasis pharyngitis and a slight increased risk of glaucoma and cataract Xanthines for Asthma medications Examples: Theophylline Action: dilate the bronchi and promote relaxation of the muscles of the lungs Side effects: nausea vomiting diarrhea headache tremors insomnia palpitations arrhythmia and epilepsy Although asthma is a chronic disease it can be controlled if the individual correctly takes the medication at the dose recommended by the pulmonologist. Heres how to use the asthma bomb correctly. Learn how to eat to avoid asthma attacks:

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Free Asthma Remedies The popular pharmacy provides most of the free asthma remedies like Atrovent Alvent Ares Asmaliv Ipratropium Bromine Bromovent Iprabon Ipraflux Ipraflux Ipraneo Clenil ClenilHFA Miflasone Beclort Beclosol Aerojet or Aerolin. To buy these free asthma medicines just go to a popular pharmacy and show the identity CPF and prescription prescribed by the doctor. Natural Remedies for Asthma Natural remedies made with herbs can help fight the symptoms of asthma by reducing inflammation of the bronchus and improving breathing. Some medicinal plants that can be used to complement the clinical treatment of asthma are: For tea: Boil 1 cup of water and add 1 teaspoon of the medicinal plant cover and let stand for 3 minutes. Strain and drink then when it is warm. To use these medicinal plants one should prepare tea with one of them and take it daily and when the asthma is tied more tea can be taken 2 to 3 times a day to complement the use of medicines prescribed by the doctor. Here are some natural recipes on: Home Remedies for Asthma medications.

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