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Telephone Etiquette A Part Of Our Life i.e. A Small Device: “The Telephone”

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Face to Face communication

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Hor Paaaajii…. Kiddaaa…..



A standard greeting : 

A standard greeting Ideally each call received within Learning Services should be answered with a standard greeting. For example: “Good morning, BSNL Help Desk, Ahana speaking” or “Good morning, Asian Paints Services, Aparna speaking” This will ensure that the caller knows he is through to the correct department, and that he has the name of the person he is speaking to.

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Effective communication/ speaking skills Tone of voice - FLAT & INDIFFERENT- bored, lack of interest in job, not interested in caller or conversation ENTHUSIASTIC - interested in the conversation, likes job, wants to help caller CARING - interested in caller, wants to help COLD - hates job, wants to be anywhere but here Basic Telephone Skills 1

Basic Telephone Skills 1 cont : 

Basic Telephone Skills 1 cont Effective communication/ speaking skills Word content Don’t confuse customers Your use of technical words could intimidate the customer who may have a lower level of expertise in a particular area. Use language they understand!

Basic Telephone Skills 1 cont : 

Basic Telephone Skills 1 cont Rate of Speech You need to speak at a rate that can be understood, and how the customer responds will effect this - A slower rate of speech may indicate confusion or fatigue A faster rate of speech might indicate anger or impatience

Effective Listening skills : 

Effective Listening skills Pay attention Assess the customers level of expertise It’s very valuable to know if they are novices or experts Knowing their level can save a lot of time Echo important points Take notes

Talk with a Smile in Your Voice – Be Courteous : 

Talk with a Smile in Your Voice – Be Courteous

Answering calls effectively : 

Answering calls effectively Answer the phone promptly within 3 rings is standard practice Identify the Department and yourself immediately Let the caller hear you smile! Smiling conveys a pleasant tone to your voice. Use the callers name if you can as it gives a personal touch and helps to establish rapport. Transfer calls only when you have to try to resolve the callers problem yourself whenever possible. If you must transfer the call ensure you explain why!

Answering calls effectively : 

Answering calls effectively Think about your words and how they might be received -“He’s not in yet” - the caller thinks: what’s wrong with this guy, can’t he get to work on time? -“He’s in a meeting” - Oh Yes... just giving me the run around -“She’s still at lunch” - must be nice to take such long lunches -“I don’t know when he’ll be back” - nobody knows what’s going on in that department!

Taking better messages : 

Taking better messages Get complete information Use a pad Record date and time Spell names accurately Don’t be afraid to ask how names are spelt - people will be flattered What does the caller want? A return call? The caller will call back? When is a good time to call?

Improved Customer ServiceWhat callers like! : 

Improved Customer ServiceWhat callers like! Pick the call in b/w 2nd and 4th ring. Friendliness & Courtesy Updates on progress Pleasant & Helpful Staff Personalized treatment

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Good telephone skills mean moresatisfied customers They are just as important as face-to-face communication skills Effective telephone skills mean problems are solved more quickly and efficiently Good speaking and listening skills give customers a more positive image of the service and Learning Services as a whole

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