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Electronic trading : 

Electronic trading Access It Taste it Grasp It Yogesh Pruthi 3063

E Business Key Concepts : 

E Business Key Concepts E Business The strategy of how to automate old business models with the aid of technology to maximize customer value E Trading The process of buying and selling over digital media E CRM (e Customer Relationship Management) The process of building, sustaining, and improving e Business relationships with existing and potential customers through digital media

What is It??????????? : 

What is It??????????? Electronic trading, sometimes called e trading, is a method of trading securities (such as stocks, and bonds), foreign currency, and products electronically It uses information technology to bring together buyers and sellers through electronic media

History Of E-Trading : 

History Of E-Trading Firstly E-Trading referred by Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, set up in 1971, was the world's first electronic stock market…. Bombay Stock Exchange switched to an electronic trading system in 1995. It took the exchange only fifty days to make this transition. This automated, screen-based trading platform called BSE On-line trading (BOLT) currently has a capacity of 80 lakh orders per day.

How aura Creates by E- Trade : 

How aura Creates by E- Trade With the commercialization of internet at the outset of 1990 decade, Reasons are the rising pressure of trade and competition. During 1995 and 1999, many new experiences and inventions came up ranging from advertising to auctioning in the world of e-commerce &E-Trade. By the year 2000, the e-Trade reached out to millions of users through World Wide Web. now e-Trade is going hand in hand with business motive. It incorporates profits motive and it has impact of national and international regulations.

E-Trade : 


E-Trading most promising potential benefits : 

E-Trading most promising potential benefits

E Trading Processes : 

E Trading Processes :--------------------- WHY Customer Relationship Redesign Business Processes Applying Technology

Categories of Buyer-Seller Relationships : 

Categories of Buyer-Seller Relationships B2C: sale by a Business to a 'Consumer' C2C: sale by a 'Consumer' to a 'Consumer' B2B: sale by a Business to another Business

From B2C to B2B and Beyond : 

From B2C to B2B and Beyond B:Business C B C B C: Individual Consumer

?? : 

?? B2C is just web-enabled relationships between existing partners; they tend to be run by a single company seeking to lower the cost of doing business with its current suppliers or individual customers. What is B2C?

B2C e-business Model : 

B2C e-business Model Enterprise User Profiles Workflow Business rules Payment Analytics Internet

B2C Applications : 

B2C Applications Electronic storefront Electronic malls Advertising online Service online selling books, toys, computers e-banking online stock trading online job market, travel, real estate

What is B2B? : 

What is B2B? B2B” is business-to- business commerce conducted over the Internet

B2B Applications : 

B2B Applications Advertising Auctioning Procurement Channel management E-Trading

B2C vs. B2B : 

B2C vs. B2B

E-Market is … : 

E-Market is … e-market is Web sites where buyers and sellers come together to communicate, exchange ideas, advertise, bid in auctions, conduct transactions, and coordinate inventory and fulfillment what so ever is done in E-market in form of transaction also call E-trading

……………..Significance : 

……………..Significance Cost reduction and efficiency savings Service improvements and added value Strategic benefits Instant Trade

Cont…….. : 


Some Other Benefits : 

Some Other Benefits Targeting of resources Improved Home Authority work More accurate information More effective investigations Better management information Reduced consumer detriment Improved customer satisfaction Better regulatory reporting

Reduction In Cost : 

Reduction In Cost Reduced cost of transactions - By automating as much of the process as possible costs are brought down. The goal is to reduce the incremental cost of trades as close to zero as possible, so that increased trading volumes don't lead to significantly increased costs. This has translated to lower costs for investors.

Greater Liquidity : 

Greater Liquidity Greater liquidity - electronic systems make it easier to allow different companies to trade with one another, no matter where they are located. This leads to greater liquidity (i.e. there are more buyers and sellers) which increases the efficiency of the markets.

transparency : 

transparency Increased transparency – E trading has meant that the markets are less opaque. It's easier to find out the price of securities when that information is flowing around the world electronically.

………Retailers : 

………Retailers For retail investors, financial services on the web offer great benefits. The primary benefit is the reduced cost of transactions for all concerned as well as the ease and the convenience. Web-driven financial transactions bypass traditional hurdles such as logistics

E-Trading Markets Agenda : 

E-Trading Markets Agenda 1. E-Trading, Markets, Market spaces 2. Tradable Items 3. Trading Partner Relationships 4. Trading Partner Topologies 5. Auctions

Limitations : 

Limitations Difficult to Confront Rely on Technology Made For Specific Scale of Society Hiatus Low Hunky-Dory

Categories of Buyer-Seller Topology : 

Categories of Buyer-Seller Topology Inter-Organisational Systems (1-to-1) Multi-Organisational Systems: networking systems hub-and-spoke systems cascading systems Extra-Organisational Systems

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Inter- and Multi-Organisational Systems

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Cascading Systems : 

Cascading Systems

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Price-Setting Mechanisms : 

Price-Setting Mechanisms Price Pre-Set by the Seller: Shop Point-of-Sale Catalogue-Sale Mechanism Driven by the Seller: Open Auctions Mechanism Driven by the Buyer: ‘Reverse Auction’ Price Pre-Set by the Buyer: 'Wanted to Buy' Notices Balanced Negotiation Process

E-Trade hubs : 

E-Trade hubs www.Parasramindia.com www.taggle.com www.healthcaremagic.com www.redbus.in www.flipkart.com www.Propmart.com www.snapdeal.com www.infibeam.com

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