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Juice World KSA (http://juiceworld.com.sa/) is one of the best juice centers in Saudi Arabia. Offers top quality healthy and fresh fruit juices, vegetable juices, milk shakes and much more.


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Juice World KSA Best Juice Center in Saudi Arabia Website: juiceworld.com.sa

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Juice World Outlets - Healthy and Tasty Fresh Juices Al Zahra Dist. Hera Road. Tel.: 6926677 Al Hamra Dist. Falastine Road. Tel.: 2616677 Al Naseem Dist. Ali Murtada Road. Tel.: 2526166 Al Samer Dist. Ajwad Road. Tel.: 2717688 Al Bawadi-2 Dist. Hera Road. Tel.: 6058508 Al Rowdah Dist. Hamad Al Jaser Road. Yanbu Al Bahr AlBalad King Abdul Aziz Road

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Juice World Menu - Vegetable Juices Fresh Fruit Juices Milk Shakes and much more.

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Chocolate Shakes Menu - Special Juices

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Milk Shakes - Milk Blended Shakes Variety Juices

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Juice World KSA Outlets

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Juice World Juice Center Jeddah

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Contact Juice World KSA EMAIL: infojuiceworld.com.sa Website: http://juiceworld.com.sa/

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