Sound Terminology

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Sound Terminology:

Sound Terminology


Volume Volume is a measure of how loud a sound is to the human ear. Amplitude is a measure of how big the sound wave is, they are very closely related. Sounds with large amplitudes will have large volumes etc


Pitch Pitch describes how high or low a note sounds, sounds can be high or low in pitch. Sound waves with a higher frequency have a higher pitch.


Tempo Tempo is known as the speed at which a sound or piece of music is played. The tempo of a piece of music is the speed of the underlying beat Increasing “Tempo" simply takes the same piece of music and squeezes it into a shorter timeframe, without affecting the pitch at all..



Audacity Edits:

Audacity Edits


Trim Trim will get rid of any of the sound you don’t require. Only the selected are is left


Speed Speed" is just like increasing the speed of an audio tape (or a turntable). The pace of the music increases, as does the pitch. Speed affects pace & pitch


Cut Before cut After cut Cut does the opposite will remove the selected area leaving the rest of the sound.

Digital Formats : MP3:

Digital Formats : MP3 The most popular sound file format these days is . MP3 MP3 is really the name for a methiod of compressing digital audio The MP3 format helps reduce the number of bytes in audio without hurting the quality of the audio. This is because there are certain sounds that the human ear cannot hear and they can be removed without affecting quality ADVANTAGES Small download DISADVANTAGES High processor speed required Sound card required USE MP3 for background music


WAV Another common file format is .wav The Microsoft .WAV file format is a technique for storing analog audio data in aigital format. It A *.WAV file is a digital recording of the sounds made by any instrument or human voice. It basically cannot be modified. When a PC plays back a WAV file, it converts numbers in the file into audio signals for the PC's speakers. A complete tune recorded in .WAV format is always very large. A .WAV file is always true to the original instruments that produced the music . ADVANTAGES Very true to original DISADVANTAGES Large file size USE WAV FOR SOUND EFFECTS

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