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Gameplay & Game Mechanics:

Gameplay includes all player experiences during the interaction with game systems. Game play describes the way the game works from beginning to end . Game Mechanics are closely related to game play they are the methods used by the player to interact with gameplay – basically they are the actions you can perform. Game mechanics are often designed to overcome challenges. Moving across platforms, opening doors, rope swings, shooting arrows are all examples of game mechanics. Gameplay & Game Mechanics


ACTIONS Actions refer to events in the game world directly caused by the user interface interpreting a player input. If the player presses a button on a game controller and the user interface maps that button to shooting a bullet this constitutes an action. Actions are the verbs of the game, and the way in which the player usually thinks about his play: “I run, I jump, I punch, I buy, I build.”


Challenges In all but the smallest games, the player faces several challenges at a time, organized in a hierarchy of challenges . Ultimately, he wants to complete the game. To accomplish that, he must complete the current mission. Completing the mission requires completing a sub-mission, of which the current mission probably has several. At the lowest level, he wants to deal with the challenge that immediately faces him: the enemies threatening him at the moment, perhaps, or the locked door for which he needs the right spell.

Game Mechanics & More:

Hazard A hazard is a mechanic that can harm or kill the player but isn’t alive. Examples of hazards are electrified platforms, jets of flames, dropping bombs. Power-up A power up is an item collected by the player to help them with gameplay. Examples include ammunition, extra lives, shields etc Collectibles Collectibles are items that are collected that don’t have an immediate effect on gameplay for example coins, trophies. They may earn the player extra points or have a use later in the game Game Mechanics & More

Flow charts for Game Mechanics:

Flow charts for Game Mechanics Flowcharts are diagrams with arrows and branches to show every possible choice the player could make and what will happen next.  For example Player chooses door A then go to Fairy Garden Level, if player chooses door B then fight the dragon on level 2 before getting to Fairy Garden

Design Elements of Game Play & Game Mechanics:

Actions Script Challenges Rewards Activities Progression Player decisions Power Ups Design Elements of Game Play & Game Mechanics Flowchart Rules Skill Chance States Resources- weapons Hazards

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