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Gameplay What makes a good game? :

Gameplay What makes a good game?

Definition :

Definition A computer game is a software program in which one or more players make decisions through the control of game objects and resources, in pursuit of a goal.

Key elements of gameplay:

Key elements of gameplay A computer game involves players Playing a game is about making decisions Playing a game is about control A game needs objects and resources A game needs a goal

What Makes a Good Game ?:

What Makes a Good Game ? You have to rescue the princess who is held in a fortress. On the screen you are shown two roads, one leading to a fortress and the other leading to a cave. You have to decide which road to take. You choose the road to the fortress? Congratulations. You rescued the princess and won the game. You choose the other road? Bad luck. You are eaten by the cave monster and died.

Reaching Goals:

Reaching Goals Goals should not be too easy to achieve. There must be a challenge and when the game progresses the goals should become harder to reach and the player has to become better at the game to achieve them.


Decisions The more interesting the decisions, the more interesting the game is. There can be very simple low level decisions or very high- level strategic decisions.

Balance :

Balance balance between players balance between the player and the game play balance between different features in the game.


Rewards You need to reward a player when he achieves a goal. A reward can take the form of a particular score, some nice graphical or musical feature, or items that can be used in the game, like better weapons, power-ups, spells, or knowledge about the game world.


Flow Challenges can take the form of monsters to beat, obstacles to avoid, puzzles to solve, bases to attack, and systems to master While the game progresses the abilities of the player improve and, hence, the challenges should become more difficult. This situation is called the game flow.


Plenary What elements are required for good gameplay? Why do we need flow? Why should games start easy? What is balance? Why are decisions important?

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