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Flexible Rightsizing Alternative Strategy for National Appliances:

Flexible Rightsizing Alternative Strategy for National Appliances Presentation by: Juana Nunley Commentator: Juana Nunley University of Phoenix

Presentation Goals:

Presentation Goals Understanding the Problem & the Effects Understanding the Significance of Flexible Rightsizing Historical Background of Flexible Rightsizing Rightsizing Action Plan Roles & Responsibilities of the Implementation Team Flexible Rightsizing at FedEx Flexible Rightsizing at Disney Ongoing Evaluation and Team Performance

Understanding the Problem:

Understanding the Problem Decrease in Production Time Job elimination for over 300 employees Shutdown 2 Plant Operations Communication Barriers ( Maital & Seshadri , 2007) Lack of Inclusion (Hickman, 2010) Social Responsibility

The Solution – Flexible Rightsizing:

The Solution – Flexible Rightsizing Is usually in addition to other rightsizing options that promotes flexibility in the workplace may include additional practices such as: F urloughs Reduced work weeks Sabbaticals Telework Paycuts Angrisani Turnarounds, LLC. (2012). The Angrisani hierarchy of value creation model. Retrieved from

Overview of New Strategy:

Overview of New Strategy Inclusion, Job Autonomy, & Strong Climate Flexible rightsizing is a term that refers to flexibility in the workplace (Alliance for Work-Life Progress, 2009) and rests as an essential business strategy that incorporates many fundaments. Downsizing vs. Rightsizing (Apex House, 2011)

Approach to Rightsizing :

Approach to Rightsizing

Audience Participation Questions:

Audience Participation Questions How would you modify or create the team selection process? What level of cost reductions do you anticipate? What likelihood ( Likert Scale) would you consider options to address reducing costs? What happens when the implementation team is not performing to expectations? What do you consider the biggest challenge of implementation?

1st Question:

1 st Question How would you modify or create the team selection process ?

2nd Question:

2nd Question

3rd Question:

3rd Question

4th Question:

4th Question

5th Question:

5th Question What do you consider the biggest challenge of implementation?

Rightsizing Action Plan:

Rightsizing Action Plan ( Gandolfi , 2008)

Collective Agreement of Roles & Responsibilities:

Collective Agreement of Roles & Responsibilities Employee A Employee B Core Functions Plant Manager Plant Operations Operational Experience Production/Cost Strategies Communication/Logistics New Skills Team Building Shared Leadership

Rightsizing with FedEx:

Rightsizing with FedEx Flexible Project Management (Scenario) Update and Revise Processes Allow for different Rightsize Options Manage and monitor secondary projects Collective Team Efforts (Retail Design and Construction Today, 2012)

Rightsizing with Disney:

Rightsizing with Disney Corporate Rightsizing Layoffs and Workforce Reductions Voluntary Separations Package Rehiring as Independent Contractors Redundancies in Technology Eliminated (Disney, 2012)

Participative Question How do we modify or create an evaluation criteria?:

Participative Question How do we modify or create an evaluation criteria? Apex House, 2012

Ongoing Evaluation Options:

Ongoing Evaluation Options Apex House, 2012


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