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JT Dixon offers the comprehensive machinery tools that are suitable for packaging your products. We offer free installation service for your convenience. Our clients and peers alike consider us to the industry leader when it comes to After Sales Service and Support.


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` Packaging Machinery


Packaging Machinery Carton Sealing Machines Conveyor Systems Heat Sealers Strapping Machines (Hand Held) – Battery and Pneumatic Strapping Machines (Bench top Strapper ) Stretch Wrapping Machines


Beneficial for manufacturer who uses a lot of cartons Just the thing you need to speed up production An output up to 30 cartons per minute can be achieved at maximum speed Designed to work in conjunction with a conveyor system, and Machine tape carton size that will seal in the machine is 600mmX600mm (PMCS-150) Packaging Machinery


Easy way to get your product from point A to point B Most commonly used with taping machines and loading or unloading of containers  5m long, 550mm wide flexible conveyor is designed to be easily transportable Has an adjustable height to perfectly suit your needs Conveyor Systems


Simple yet effective way to seal bags  Tubing made of a range of plastics Simply pull down the arm to seal your product Optional extras include a trim cutter, extended arm and pedal operated sealers Width ranges from 200mm – 1000mm Heat Sealers


Must-have for high volume users of strapping Seals and cuts the PET strap in one easy step Enables a significant amount of time to be saved compared to regular strapping tools 18V Milwaukee battery can produce around 350 strap cycles per charge Strapping Machines (Hand Held) – Battery and Pneumatic


Simple general purpose machine that suits a number of applications It is portable, compact and light weight It’s easy to transport and requires minimal space for installation Requires a 12mm PP strap, which is  heated sealed to join the strap together once tensioned Strapping Machines (Bench top Strapper )


OR-1000 will save you money and labor with lower film cost per load Remote control on your forklift allows you to stay in the safety of your seat whilst the pallet is wrapped Fully automatic machines are that easy IM330 has a 1600kg weight limit and can reach 2200mm in height Will wrap up to 30 loads per hour Stretch Wrapping Machines


Conclusion Looking for general packaging solutions in Melbourne? We provide everything you need to package and label your goods. J.T. Dixon offers a comprehensive range of packaging goods and a high level of service to complement these goods. Urgent orders and fast turnaround are our specialty in both box making and delivery of goods, with the vast majority of customers receiving their goods within 24 hours of ordering. Contact us at 03 5278 6644 or email us at for more information.

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