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What Makes a Movie A Movie… & Cinematic Language :

What Makes a Movie A Movie … & Cinematic Language Professor Jared Saltzman

What is Cinema? If the video is not loading you can use the link below: https://youtu.be/dyvKNouWusk :

What is Cinema? If the video is not loading you can use the link below: https:// youtu.be/dyvKNouWusk


CHAPTER ONE Looking at Movies

The Most Popular Art Form Today:

The Most Popular Art Form Today Movies are not just watched in theaters today TiVo, big-box retailers, and Redbox machines Online, cable, and satellite stations Streaming video, computers Televisions iPads, smart phones Other systems not yet imagined 4

Cinematic Language:

5 Cinematic Language The visual vocabulary of film Composed of myriad integrated techniques and concepts Connects the viewer to the story while deliberately concealing the means by which it does so

Actively Looking at Movies:

6 Actively Looking at Movies Recognize the many tools and principles that filmmakers employ to tell stories, convey information and meaning, and influence emotions and ideas Understand movies as narrative, as artistic expression, and as a reflection of the cultures that produce and consume them

What is a Movie?:

7 What is a Movie?

Basic Construction of a Movie:

8 Basic Construction of a Movie Shot – an unbroken span of action captured by an uninterrupted run of a motion-picture camera Editing – the joining together of discrete shots With each transition from one shot to another, a movie is able to move the viewer through time and space

Invisibility and Cinematic Language:

9 Invisibility and Cinematic Language Painting, sculpture, and photography allow you to study and absorb them as long as you want Cinematic language is invisible because movies move too quickly for the viewer to consider everything they ’ ve seen The spectator subconsciously identifies with the camera ’ s viewpoint Cinematic language draws upon real-life interpretation of visual information for our intuitive absorption

Invisible Techniques:

Invisible Techniques 10

Invisible Techniques page 9 in the ebook:

Invisible Techniques page 9 in the ebook 11

Implicit and Explicit Meaning:

12 Implicit and Explicit Meaning


CHAPTER TWO Principles of Film Form

Form and Content:

14 Form and Content Content – the subject of an artwork (what it is about) Form – means by which the subject is expressed and experienced (how it is presented)

If the video is not loading you can use the link below: https://youtu.be/_JfmLrilvyY :

If the video is not loading you can use the link below: https ://youtu.be/_ JfmLrilvyY

Film Form :

16 Film Form Movies are highly organized, and are deliberately assembled and sculpted by filmmakers The synthesis of elemental systems – mise - en -scène, sound, narrative, editing, and others – constitutes a movie ’ s overall form

Narrative Patterns:

17 Narrative Patterns We instinctively search for a story in all art forms The patterns of a story provide the elements of structure

Nonnarrative Patterns:

18 Nonnarrative Patterns Convey a character ’ s state of mind Create relationships Communicate narrative meaning Shot patterns Sound motifs Repetition of a familiar image

Fundamentals of Film Form:

19 Fundamentals of Film Form Movies depend on light Movies provide an illusion of movement Movies manipulate space and time in unique ways


20 Verisimilitude A convincing appearance of truth Convinces you that you are “ really there” by being internally consistent Affected by time and cultures as audiences ’ expectations of reality change

Cinematic Language:

21 Cinematic Language The accepted systems, methods, or conventions by which the movies communicate with the viewer Conventions are flexible (example: dissolves ) Viewers identify with the camera ’ s lens Cinematic conventions and individual experiences shape the “ reality” depicted by films


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