Best Wood Router Reviews: Review of the Hitachi KM12VC


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Best Wood Router Reviews: Review of the Hitachi Router KM12vc. For more information visit 12vc-plunge-and-fixed-base-variable-speed-router-kit-re view/


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Best Wood Router Reviews Hitachi KM12VC :

Best Wood Router Reviews Hitachi KM12VC

Overview: Hitachi KM12VC:

Overview: Hitachi KM12VC The Hitachi KM12VC Plunge and Fixed Base Router Kit is specifically made for camphering , shaping, trimming, window cutting, groove cutting, and pattern cutting. This wonderful Hitachi Router is an asset for any workshop. The powerful motor of the router is well protected inside a nickel casing. The speed of the motor can be adjusted between 8000 and 24000 to provide perfection to different types of application. The most amazing feature of this wood router is the electronic speed control device that helps it maintain constant rpm. Quick changes of base can be accomplished with the specially designed clamp for motor release. The router is easy to handle because of its light weight and ergonomic design of the handle. This Hitachi Router can work with both 0.5 inch and 0.25 inch bits. This awesome tool has been ranked amongst the top 50 routers by Amazon. The overall user rating is 4.5 stars, thanks to the fantastic response from the customers.

Negative Reviews: Hitachi KM12VC:

Negative Reviews: Hitachi KM12VC Unfortunately, some of the users were disappointed by the performance of Hitachi KM12VC Router . Some customers had mentioned that the plunge base of the router is very stiff, and they had to work on it for several hours before it started working properly. There have been complaints about the two collets that are supplied with the kit. Customers have alleged that their bits have come out suddenly and ruined their work piece on several occasions. In some cases, the bit and collet have gotten stuck in the router permanently. It could not be removed in spite of all possible efforts. The collet and nut design is also defective. The nut tends to slip off with the slightest amount of torque. One person also mentions that the bearings are of poor quality, and the motor makes a loud noise. Another drawback of this Hitachi router is that the speed control is not labeled with the rpm of the motor. Some customers have serious doubts about the durability of the plastic parts.

Positive Reviews: Hitachi KM12VC:

Positive Reviews: Hitachi KM12VC More than 90% of the users have strongly recommended this Hitachi Router for any type of precision work. Some of the most significant points mentioned by them are summarized below. Most users have told us that the quality offered by this router is unthinkable for a product with such low price. The start up is very smooth, and it gains speed quickly. The overall unit is very stable and operates without any noise at all. It can plough through thick wooden planks and blocks without losing speed or straining the motor. The electronic speed control works perfectly and provides ease of operation. The customers love their new Hitachi router because it gives them the options of both fixed and plunge base. The great power of the motor has also been appreciated my most users. Almost all users have thanked the manufacturer for providing a three year warranty for the product.

Conclusion: Hitachi KM12VC:

Conclusion: Hitachi KM12VC The Hitachi Router KM12VC Plunge and Fixed Base Kit is a perfect blend of performance and affordability. The name of Hitachi is enough to create a sense of trust. Moreover, the product has been strongly recommended by over 90% of the people who used has it. This can be the end of your search for a perfect router . For more information on the this wood router and other top models, visit

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