Best Wood Router Reviews: Expert Review of the Milwaukee 5616-24


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Best Wood Router Reviews: Expert Review of the Milwaukee 5616-24. For more information visit router-5616-24-evs-wood-router-review/


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Best Wood Router Reviews Milwaukee 5616-24 :

Best Wood Router Reviews Milwaukee 5616-24

Overview: Milwaukee 5616-24:

Overview: Milwaukee 5616-24 If you’re looking for some serious power and smooth operation during your woodcutting, then you’ll want to have the Milwaukee 5616-24 wood router. This Milwaukee Router boasts an incredibly powerful 2-1/4 motor that will truly do the job quick and easy. It also uses a precise macro/micro depth adjustment to get your cutting right. There’s even an adjustable pointer. With this Milwaukee Router, you get a premium plunge system with a four-point PM bushing design for fluid motion. Right after you take it out of the box, you’ll see that it has been built with the utmost sophistication because of its touch aluminum housing and base.

Negative Reviews: Milwaukee 5616-24:

Negative Reviews: Milwaukee 5616-24 While it may have gotten a whopping 4.6 out of 5 stars in Amazon, the Milwaukee 5616-24 still isn’t save from some criticisms from the reviewers, customers and clients. Don’t let this fool you about the product though, as the complaints mentioned here are mostly minor and do not mar the experience of using the Milwaukee 5616-24 as your router. Many reviewers think that the case that comes with the router is a tad bit too big. This makes it a hassle to carry around or store in the corner or someplace where it won’t attract attention (or make someone trip). Another reviewer said that removing the bits and replacing them is quite a chore and could take a long time. Apart from these complaints, the reviewers haven’t seen anything too big that would ruin overall use and they still found the Milwaukee 5616-24 to be a pretty solid product.

Positive Reviews: Milwaukee 5616-24:

Positive Reviews: Milwaukee 5616-24 Many reviewers widely viewed the Milwaukee 5616-24 to be one of the best, if not the best, big sized router in the current market. They loved the fact that it already includes a plunge base that works very smoothly during operation and a body grip fixed base for the user’s convenience. Others say that the power of the router is the real show stealer with a 2-1/4 horsepower motor that makes jobs and finishes them quick and easy. They also found that the motor is easy to change. Customers of this Milwaukee router also found other conveniences such as a great dust control attachment to keep that pesky dust at bay. Most also loved the fact that the router has excellent balance – this only means that the manufacturers did their homework right and took the production process very seriously. Finally, the thing that the reviewers unanimously loved about the Milwaukee 5616-24 is that it operates at a very quiet level – this is perfect for those who work all day and wouldn’t want to experience any hearing damage from the operation of such power tools.

Conclusion: Milwaukee 5616-24:

Conclusion: Milwaukee 5616-24 The reviewers of Amazon have had their say on the Milwaukee 5616-24 – and its time that you’ve had yours too. We definitely recommend getting this wood router if you’re serious about your carving or would like to take it to the next step. Small inconsistencies like a big case or challenging bit exchange don’t overshadow the fact that this Milwaukee router is a smooth, powerful and quiet tool. For more expert advice and real customer feedback of the best wood routers on the market, please visit

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