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JSB Conference invites the participants from all over the world to attend “Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology in Health Care” During 13 - 14, May 2019 at Abu Dhabi, UAE. By attending conference & presentations, you will get to learn more from others and it will ultimately improve your own knowledge about your field.It is also important You can share your views & presentation on this platform you can ask questions and perhaps go and meet them after conference It also help you to build up your network in the field http://bit.ly/2J6DMff http://bit.ly/2MbHC8u


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August 4 2018 Technological Adaptation of Nanomedicine – JSB Conference jsbconference.com/blog/technological-adaptation-of-nanomedicine-jsb-conference/ Human beings have always evolved beyond possession. Adaptations are part of evolution. But interventions crave paths for additive contrivances. Medicine world has been subjected to a lot of variations recently. Nanomedicine has been a turning point which involves nanotechnology to healthcare systems. Subsequently it is often misjudged and ill-interpreted when it comes to global scale. Additionally biohazards have been prevalent with Nanomedicine playing a prominent role in the production of biological counterinsurgency. Methodology Biological molecules are combined at a much smaller scale opening wide variations of nanotechnology in medicine. Accordingly by implementing a large field of research and applications an interplay between nanodevices which are termed as artificial molecular matters helps in getting through various homeostatic processes inside the human body. The nanoscale helps in achieving the limitations of biology which were previously irrelevant to the naked eye. Substantially it ultimately allows going deeper into the terminology of volume and surface ratio within cells and structure. Implementation 1/2

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Imaging has been playing a key role in analyzing the fundamental process involved in nanomedicine. In the expanding field of science and technology a current spark has induced magnetic and computer tomography resonance in the treatment of certain diseases. Additionally equipped tools involving Vitro and in-vitro diagnostics are engaging rapidly in curing the previously uncured. With the current modifications nanotechnology in medicine is also expected to treat pathogenic disorders at the cellular and subcellular level. The overall outgrowth of certain malign tumors can abstain even before they reach the first stage. Limitations Even with all the new-found modifications and implementations the application of nanotechnology in the field of medicines has been put under the knife. The kind of technology it provides gives amicable exposure for weapons that can be designed for biological destruction. Consequently the power it possesses is also doubtful for newly found medical practitioners. The knowledge required to master nanomedicine requires years of practice which can imply confusions when treating critical patients. A patient who develops no such sign but require administration of nanomedicine can even get affected due to lack of practitioners. Worldwide growth There are many countries who are regulating frameworks based on certain rules of safety and effectiveness of nanomedicines. Numerous strategies are now being developed to design advance medical devices capable of providing adequate measures with or without human intrusion. Nevertheless there is still an overall need to enhance these methods of regulations which mobilize many expert practitioners. France Germany Spain and even the United Kingdom are going fast in developing the nanotechnology in medicines. Skeptically the outcomes of modifications have been considerably high in North America as compared to any other country. World Congress on Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology in Healthcare The upcoming conference of Nanotechnology in Dubai focuses on key aspects of Nanomedicines and its application around the globe. Attended by renowned speakers and researchers the conference is a gold mine with keynote presentations talks and exhibition. The conference displays immense knowledge for research students as well as scientists. Additionally it provides an opportunity to learn about certain diseases and discuss intervention procedures of Nanotechnology including the efficiency in diagnosing and treating various diseases. 2/2

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