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Course Information:

Course Information


Welcome to your Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE) course! In this course you will explore many of the exciting and interesting areas in the health and fitness fields. This orientation will help you better understand the HOPE journey, the pattern of HOPE, and all you need to be the most successful participant you can be! Enjoy your journey! Introduction

Getting Started :

Getting Started To begin, go to www.flvs.net Save this website to your favorites Click login Log in here->

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Getting Started Enter class here Dashboard Emails What week am I in? Monthly Call Overdue for Monthly Call This is your dashboard!! You will see this every time you log in. Click on my class to enter

How do I find my lessons?:

Select the Lessons link All of your HOPE lessons will appear here. Click on the topic to view each lesson. For example, click on Getting Started How do I find my lessons?

How do I find my lessons?:

Click the right arrow to move to the next part of the lesson. As you scroll down the page, you will notice there are several resource links to help you learn the content, as well as give you information needed to complete your assignments. How do I find my lessons?

How do I find my lessons?:

Once you reach the end of a lesson, click on the “Activity” tab to see what needs to be submitted through the My Path area (at the left) to earn a grade for your work. The rubrics can be viewed to show you what is expected for each assessment. How do I find my lessons?

How are the topics set up?:

Project Milestone One Project Milestone Two (NOTE: not in all topics) Project Workout Log Discussion Based Assessment All topics will be set up this way. Keep in mind that some topics only have 1 project milestone. You will want to submit at least 4 assignments each week to remain on track!! How are the topics set up?

Workout Logs:

You will need to document 6 hours (or 360 minutes) of physical activity for each of the four topics. You cannot complete and receive credit for the HOPE course if you do not complete each of the topic workout logs. While every workout log has the same general components each workout log varies for each topic. Date Warm-Up Physical Activity Intensity Cool-Down Minutes Please be sure to carefully read each workout log before exercising so that you are completing each log correctly. Plan each workout to include a variety of activities for your workouts to meet your goals. Workout Logs

Discussion Based Assessments (DBA):

A Discussion-Based Assessment is a phone call between you, your instructor, and your parent or guardian. Your instructor will discuss the topic lessons with you to assess your knowledge and discuss your project. In addition, this is an opportunity to ask your instructor questions. You will need to contact your instructor and complete a Discussion-Based Assessment at the end of each topic. Discussion Based Assessments (DBA)

How do I submit a workfile?:

When you have read the required lessons and have completed the work on your assignment you are ready to upload. Select the My Path link from the course menu. Click on the topic folder that matches the lesson you have read. Open the folder and select the appropriate assessment to submit. REMEMBER TO SUBMIT 4 ASSIGNMENTS EACH WEEK!! How do I submit a workfile ?

How do I submit a work file?:

How do I submit a work file?

How do I submit a work file?:

Select the browse button to choose your completed work file. If you have a message for your instructor, select the text box under Section 2 and type. Click the Submit button . How do I submit a work file?

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Remember that you will want to submit AT LEAST 4 assignments each week. Doing so will ensure that you remain right on track in the course. You are welcome to submit more than 4 assignments but never want to submit less!!

How do I read feedback on my assignments and check my grades?:

Select the My Grades link. The Gradebook appears, showing current graded, submitted, excused assessments and the dates they were submitted. You can review instructor comments and grade earned here and determine if the assessment needs to be resubmitted for a better grade. Remember that the Choose your Topic -1 question multiple choice activity is NOT included in your numerical average. How do I read feedback on my assignments and check my grades?

Your First Assignment: Segment Fitness Test:

Click on the Lessons tab, then Getting Started . Read all the way through Lesson 3 , which has the directions for the Segment Fitness Test, your first assignment for HOPE! Click on each link for the directions, equipment needed, and standards for you to assess your status (the average for your age/gender). Fill in the first column of the Segment Fitness Test, including: Date Score (time, number) Status Goal Save your file on your desktop folder. Click on My Path . Find the Segment (One) Fitness Test . Upload the file. Click Submit . Your First Assignment: Segment Fitness Test

Enjoy your journey!:

I hope you will enjoy your HOPE course. Please contact me to discuss any questions or concerns you may have along the way. Remember 4 assignments each week!! YOUR SUCCESS AS A STUDENT IS MY TOP PRIORITY AS YOUR TEACHER!!! Enjoy your journey!

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