EDLD 5352 Week 2 Assignment, Part 3

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PowerPoint about Texas Star Chart with embedded hyperlink on Star Chart logo.


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Texas Star Chart Where Woodview Stands

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Agenda Texas Star Chart Defined Its Importance Woodview’s Overall Rating Woodview’s 06-08 Comparison Woodview’s Strengths & Weaknesses Conclusion

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Texas Star Chart Defined “…an online resource tool for self-assessment of your campus’ and district’s efforts to effectively integrate technology across the curriculum.” School Technology and Readiness A Teacher Tool for Planning and Self-Assessing aligned with the Long-Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020

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Its Importance Planning for technology Budgeting for resources Evaluating technology projects

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Woodview’s Overall Rating Key: 2006 2007 2008 Teaching & Learning Educator Preparation & Development Leadership, Administration, & Instructional Support Infrastructure for Technology Scale: Early, Developing, Advanced, Target Early Developing Developing Developing Developing Developing Developing Developing Advanced Developing Developing Advanced

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Woodview’s 06-08 Comparison

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Woodview’s Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths Content area connections Leadership & vision Communication & Collaboration Weaknesses Professional Development Instructional Support Technical Support

Slide 8: 

Conclusion There is work to be done to become a target school.

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