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"Facelift surgery is a procedure that allows you to knock years off your face with the help of an incision and refashioning your face. The effects stay for 10 years, and in most cases surgery causes minimal pain and discomfort, and a very short downtime ranging anywhere from a day to a week before resuming normal daily activities. #PlasticSurgery #Plasticsurgeon #Cosmeticsurgery #Cosmeticsurgeon #Cosmetology #Reconstructivesurgery #Reconstructivesurgeon #Burnsurgery #Burnsurgeon #Hairtransplant #Beardtransplant #Eyebrowtransplant #Moustachetransplant #HairTransplantSurgeon #HairTreatment #HairFall #HairLossTreatment"


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 We are working toward raising the standards of Cosmetology Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery in India.  LASER PEEL  Hair Reduction  Mole Remover  Tattoo Removal  Scar Removal  Facial Rejuvenation  Wrinkle Reduction  Pigmentation Removal  Acne Scar Treatment  Stretch Mark Reduction  Chemical Peel JR Hospital |

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 Botox Injection  Filler Injection  Wrinkle Reduction  Scar Reduction  Under Eye Hollow Treatment  Lip Augmentation JR Hospital |

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 Hair fall Treatment  Scar Treatment  Stretch Mark Reduction  Facial tightening  Acne Treatment  Scar Management  Allergy Treatment  Vitiligo Treatment JR Hospital |

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 Hair Transplant  Liposuction Fat Grafting  Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty  Breast Enhancement Augmentation  Breast Reduction  Male Breast Gynaecomastia correction  Split Ear Repair Otoplasty  Rhinoplasty Nose Job  Facial Rejuvenation Chin Augmentation  Ptosis correction  Hymenoplasty and Vaginoplasty JR Hospital |

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 Cleft Lip palate  Congenital Deformity Correction  Ear Reconstruction  Hypospadias correction  Deformity Correction  Maxillofacial Surgery  A-V Fistula Correction  Hand Injury Treatment  Tendon Nerve Injury Treatment  Brachial Plexus Injury  Skin Crafting  Soft Tissue Injury  Complex Trauma Flap Cover JR Hospital |

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 Spectacle – “extreme cosmetic surgery  Excess – the “scalpel slave” / “surgery junkie”  See  Celebrity  The seeking of perfection / youth  The “quick fix” “nips and tucks” JR Hospital |

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JR Hospital |

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JR Hospital |

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 Spectacle – “extreme cosmetic surgery  Excess – the “scalpel slave” / “surgery junkie”  See  Celebrity  The seeking of perfection / youth  The “quick fix” “nips and tucks”  Normalised form of consumption – “reveal parties” Botox parties gifts treats JR Hospital |

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JR Hospital |

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 Cosmetic surgery as a “dilemma rather than a form of self-inflicted subordination” Kathy Davis 1995: 180 - Surgery is both desirable and problematic  Women are seeking normal bodies rather than beautiful ones – women are negotiating “the differences between their own bodies and ideal female beauty” Gimlin 2002: 7  Women do not return for repeated surgeries focussed body project JR Hospital |

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 “Cosmetic surgery transforms more than a woman’s appearance it transforms her identity as well” Davis 2003: 75  But – places women in a double bind – the “taint of inauthenticity” Gimlin 2002: 104 the problem of passing.  Surgery always requires a defence: a that they deserve surgery and b convincing themselves that the revised appearance is connected to the self. JR Hospital |

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 Decisions are undoubtedly shaped by ideas about what constitutes beauty / the measuring of women’s value by their appearance. But…  “… to portray the women I talked to as cultural dupes as passively submitting to the demands of beauty is to misrepresent them badly. A more appropriate image I would suggest is to present them as savvy cultural negotiators attempting to make out as best they can within a culture that limits their options.” Gimlin 2002: 106 JR Hospital |

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 Racial / ethnic surgeries – makes us uneasy socially / culturally in a way that other surgeries do not.  Surgery on people with Down’s Syndrome see Davis 2003: Epilogue:  “This particular case made me stop thinking about the people who have cosmetic surgery or the practitioners who perform it or even the media that promote it and instead to start wondering why the world I live in prefers to disguise difference rather than confront it.” Davis 2003: 143 JR Hospital |

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 Kathryn Pauly Morgan – “Ms Ugly” competitions  Orlan  “Utopian models privilege the flamboyant public spectacle as feminist intervention and deprivilege the interventions which are part of living in a gendered social order” Davis 2003 JR Hospital |

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 Surgery is growing in popularity but remains controversial.  Feminists such as Debra Gimlin and Kathy Davis have argued against outright rejection of cosmetic surgery however problematic it is. Instead they suggest that we should see surgery as a dilemma for women and as a means of negotiating identity.  Those undergoing surgery are aiming to be “normal” not beautiful.  Surgery can be understood as the attempt to eradicate difference – this reflects and potentially problematises the ways we conceptualise “others” JR Hospital |

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