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Strong vs Weak evidence


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Research steps:

Research steps

At this point…:

At this point… Step 1 Explored, then defined a controversy Established that there were 2 sides Step 2 (Narrowed the focus) Chose your side Found 3 strong articles defending YOUR side Created 3 source cards

Think about…:

Think about… Working thesis statement: You’ve acknowledged your side of the controversy . For example, “Confining dolphins is unethical.”

Step 3: appropriate research:

Step 3: appropriate research Which example is GOOD research? Jennifer O’Connor reveals that “Scientists at Emory University recently determined that the cognitive capacity of dolphins is second only to that of humans…” The dolphins’ cruel confinement “must stop immediately” (O’Connor).


RELEVANCE Keep your working thesis statement in mind while gathering your 10 facts from the articles What the public does now know is that “Sea World has had 50 orcas named Shamu ” (O’Connor). NOT a good quote. Remember the thesis – dolphin and marine life confinement. Yes, this information was in the article, but it does not address your thesis.

Too obvious:

Too obvious Julia O’Connor says, “dolphins are still captured from the wild to be put on display in aquariums, held captive in theme parks and used in ‘swim-with’ programs.” Common knowledge is NOT research We know that dolphins are held captive in theme parks Find information that ENHANCES your topic Research is more than a simple fact

Strong facts:

Strong facts In their ocean homes, dolphins are accustomed to vast living space: “However, in tanks, their worlds are reduced to gallons instead of fathoms” (O’Connor). O’Connor’s words raise an important argument that supports the fight against dolphin confinement – natural habitat. Julia O’Connor, a PETA activist and campaign writer, exposes a harsh reality: “One thing that the profitable marine entertainment industry doesn't want the public to know is that buying a ticket to a marine theme park helps support the slaughter of dolphins in the wild .” Shocking information – Educate your reader.

Look For…:

Look For… Information, opinions, and statistics that expose the truth and support your premise GOOD LUCK

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