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ON THE FACE OF IT ( Susan Hill ) :

ON THE FACE OF IT ( Susan Hill ) A power point presentation by JOHNSON JOHN (PGT English), JNV Rahikwara, Satna

Pages 56,57 (Vocabulary):

Pages 56,57 (Vocabulary) On the face of it – used to say that something seems to be good, true etc. but that this opinion may need to be changed when you know more about it.

Pages 56,57 (Vocabulary):

Pages 56,57 (Vocabulary) Tentatively – hesitantly or uncertainly Scrump – steal Pretend – to give a false appearance of being


MAIN POINTS Mr Lamb lived in a big house with a garden. Derry climbed over the garden wall to enter the garden.

Pages 58,59,60 (Vocabulary):

Pages 58,59,60 (Vocabulary) Jelly – a fruit product made by boiling sugar and juice of fruit Weeds – wild plants Monstrous – extraordinarily ugly Daft – silly Dribble – to let saliva trickle from the corner of the mouth


MAIN POINTS Lamb had a tin leg and some kids called him Lamey - Lamb


MAIN POINTS Derry was a 14 year old boy . His face was burnt with acid on one side.

Pages 61 - 68 (vocabulary):

Pages 61 - 68 (vocabulary) Trespassing – intruding Peculiar – different from the usual or normal Panting – breathing heavily Withdrawn – lost to oneself


MAIN POINTS Mr. Lamb realised that Derry was a lonely child. He encouraged Derry to overcome his handicap with courage. Before he met Mr. Lamb , Derry was a cynical (pessimistic) young boy.


MAIN POINTS Derry was hurt by the mean and insensitive remarks of people. Mr. Lamb’s behaviour brought a change in Derry’s thought process. Though the association was brief it definitely left a mark on Derry’s mind.

??? QUESTIONS ???:

??? QUESTIONS ??? Who is Mr. Lamb ? Who is Derry ? How does Derry get into Mr. Lamb’s garden? How are Mr. Lamb and Derry different in their attitudes to their respective disabilities ?

??? QUESTIONS ???:

??? QUESTIONS ??? Why does Mr. Lamb always leave his gate open ? Why does he live in a house without any curtains ? Why does Derry decide to come back to Mr. Lamb ? The play ends tragically, yet leaves one with a sense of hope. Explain.

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