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Read in details about Emerald Gemstone e.g Benefits of Emerald, How to wear it, when to wear it, Price of Emerald Stone etc.


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A Must Read Guide on Emerald Gemstone:

A M ust Read G uide on Emerald Gemstone By Joyrica (An online store)

Who can wear Emerald Stone:

Who can wear Emerald Stone As per astrology, it represents planet Mercury. Individuals with the placement of Mercury in the 1st house, 2nd house, 5th house, 9th house, 10th house  should wear  an  Emerald gemstone  for life .

Benefits of Emerald Stone:

Benefits of Emerald Stone Emeralds can be useful for businessmen, printers, publishers, scientists, and writers. They can be good for those working in the chemical business, in public relations, medical equipment, diplomats, mediators, and factory owners. Emeralds help their wearers practice chastity . They also help the wearers do well on exams, to not lose money in business, to be honest, and to have a good reputation. Wearers can formulate good ideas and will possess the strength to enact them Depending upon a person’s occupation, different color emeralds should be worn. A priest, teacher, scientist, or intellectual should wear light green emeralds .

When to wear it?:

When to wear it? When the position of your planet is strong i.e. on Wednesday morning in Shukla Paksha Panna is worn as it is the day of planet Mercury which is associated with the gem . You can also consult to astrologer about it. Call at +91 8882540540

Which Finger Emerald Stone is to be wore?:

Which Finger Emerald Stone is to be wore? We have five fingers and each finger has a different planet zone. As per astrology and Gemmology , Panna is always worn on the little finger of the right hand by men. If the wearer is a woman then this stone sets its place in the left arms little finger .

Precautions while wearing Emerald Gemstone:

Precautions while wearing Emerald Gemstone To wear this valuable stone you need to clean it and get it pure with blessings of the planet Mercury.   For this, you have to take a bowl of raw milk or Ganga Jal and dip the emerald ring into it before a night when you want to wear it. The next day, early morning the ring should be set on the little finger of left or right palm as mentioned; this will help you to attain all the benefits out of it. Read the full process here

Mantra for Emerald Stone:

Mantra for Emerald Stone “OM BUM BUDHAYE NAMAH AUM”

Shop for Emerald Gemstone and Jewellery:

Shop for Emerald Gemstone and Jewellery

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