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As leaders in the petroleum industry with many years of experience, Diesel Tanks and Pumps is proud to supply a range of state-of-the art fuel storage tank solutions


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As leaders in the petroleum industry with many years of experience Diesel Tanks and Pumps is proud to supply a range of state-of-the art fuel storage tank solutions. These storage tanks include a huge variety of individual and custom built designs allowing you to find the storage solution you need – whether it’s a trailer tank on wheels petrol transport tank bowser tank or a custom oil tank all with pump options available. An essential piece of equipment for any service station is the fuel bowser which is used to transfer fuel from the business’ stores to the customer’s vehicle or fuel tank. They come in different forms there’s the petrol bowser tank the diesel bowse and even bowsers for LPG and Adblue the diesel exhaust fluid that neutralises the nitrogen oxide produced by diesel exhaust fumes. Each of these bowsers tanks comes with their own essential attachments and accessories that are specific to the fuel or fluid that the bowser is used for. If you’re looking for a specific fuel bowser tanks for sale perhaps to use in an industrial setting or you’re looking for multiple petrol bowsers for sale for commercial use discover the range available to buy from Diesel Tanks and Pump. Types of Fuel Storage Tanks At Diesel Tanks and Pumps we offer a wide range of fuel storage tanks that are suitable for different purposes and applications. These include bowser tanks trailer tanks large container tanks for use in demanding mining or agricultural applications and self fuel tanks with four-way forklift pockets and removable inner tanks. Petroleum Fuel Tanks Fuel is used within a wide range of industries from construction and agriculture to mining and more. When you need fuel tanks for storage and transportation purposes our range of fuel and diesel tanks are ideal. Available in a large number of sizes structures and department options you’re sure to find the best fuel tank for your needs. Custom Built to Meet Your Requirements

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Diesel Tanks and Pumps is able to provide custom made fuel tanks to meet the requirements of any application. With sizes ranging from 200 litres to 7500 litres these tanks can be small enough to fit on the back of a pickup truck or large enough to fill up a lorry. Available options include a cylindrical tank with inspect hatch and access ladder a new design that’s specially made for combustible liquids and even fuel tanks with dual compartments for use with diesel petrol fuels waste oils and more. Every tank is also made to stringent South African standards so you’ll know you’re getting a product that’s safe reliable and durable. If you have any questions about our diesel tanks get in touch with Diesel Tanks and Pumps today on 0760228659. Our team are on hand to answer your queries and help you find a quick solution to any problem you may have.

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