Quick Guide : Rubber Moulding Techniques

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There are various types of rubber moulding like Injection Moulding, Transfer Moulding and Compression Moulding. Transfer Moulding uses a closed mould system. Compression Moulding is also known as rubber vulcanization method. Learn more here: http://www.wye-valley.co.uk/capabilities/rubber-moulding-techniques


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Quick Guide : Rubber Moulding Techniques:

Quick Guide : Rubber Moulding T echniques http://www.wye-valley.co.uk/

Quick overview:

Quick overview Rubber Moulding is a moulding process that produces a usable rubber product. Rubber moulding gives you molded parts of rubber that are formed by a block of rubber that is pressed into a metal cavity used for moulding of rubber. Almost many rubber manufacturers use heat and pressure method for the formation of molded rubber products. http://www.wye-valley.co.uk/capabilities/rubber-moulding-techniques

Types of Rubber Moulding:

Types of Rubber Moulding

Injection Moulding:

Injection Moulding Here the rubber compound is heated in the barrel of an extruder and the fluid material is injected into the mold cavity where it is held under high pressure and temperature. This process is like plastic injection pressing. The cycle time is fixed for reaching a favorable level of cure. The parts are removed from the cavities at the end of the cycle and the next cycle commences.

Transfer Moulding:

Transfer Moulding Transfer Moulding uses a closed mold system. A piece of uncured rubber is performed at a controllable weight and shape. The preformed rubber is placed into the ‘pot’ (a portion of mold). High pressure and temperature are provided to the material for activating the cure system in the rubber compound.

Compression Moulding:

Compression Moulding This method is known as rubber vulcanization method. An excess amount of bulk rubber is placed in the mold cavity. The rubber compound is formed under high pressure and temperature. The excess material present in the cavity provides the required pressure. Compression moulding method is suitable for low and medium scale serial production.

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