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Joshua Noel : 

Created for EDUC-6715I-5 New and Emerging Technologies Walden University Professor Evelyn Thompson Joshua Noel Online Learning Modules

The Importance of Technology in Education : 

The Importance of Technology in Education How can we meet the needs of 21st century students?

Student Investment : 

Student Investment Digital learning Technology advancements Student engagement Interactivity

The Diverse Learner and Online Modules : 

The Diverse Learner and Online Modules Sound educational practices Students with special needs

Authentic Learning Experiences : 

Authentic Learning Experiences Know your students! Differentiation The advancement of technology

Closing the Gap : 

Closing the Gap Everyone succeeds Classroom without walls Unique activities

Apprehensive Colleagues : 

Apprehensive Colleagues The naysayers Tech support Questions answered!

Applying the Layout of Walden to Your Classroom : 

Applying the Layout of Walden to Your Classroom This particular assignment was especially engaging to me because it allowed everyone to decide what digital tool would be used to synthesize thoughts. This same method can be applied to K-12 online learning while covering state and national standards. When students have a reason to become personally vested with the material, the rate of success will soar.

References : 

References Gillard, S., & Bailey, D. (2007). Technology in the classroom: Overcoming obstacles, reaping rewards. The International Journal of Learning, 14(1), 87–93. Johnston, S. (2007). Developing Quality Virtual Courses: Selecting Instructional Models. In P. Adamson, B. Adamson, & N. Clausen-Grace, et al (Eds.),What Works in K-12 Online Learning (Chapter 2, pp. 21-31). Eugene, OR: International Society for Technology in Education.

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