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This document will help you to understand the 4 stages of sales funnel, that you must know to grow your business. For more details visit: https://blog.kwikfunnels.com/sales-funnel-stages/


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SALES FUNNEL STAGES Every businessmen must have to know.

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Sales funnel is not something unrestrained. Whether you know it or not want it or not you are already dealing with it as a businessman. The point is if you become a pro in this field then you can utilize this strategy to high the meter and run the vehicle of your business for long runs. I n t r o d u c t i o n

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About SALES FUNNEL. The situation where you successfully achieve to convert them into your potential clients. Sales funnel is the visual description that helps the business to see the entire journey of their sales. It starts from the time of finding a new audience for your business called leads. TO

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Lets learn to make sales funnel.

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As the word depicts the sales funnel looks like a funnel that is widest at the top and narrowest at the bottom filtering out people from leads to the prospectus and then prospects to the potential client. Basically sales funnel work in stages. Widest Narrow

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Generating awareness- The first stage. Have you seen your mail account facebook pages or inbox messages flooding with a lot of advertisements trying to grab your attention with their alluring offers coupons vouchers etc This is the most robust form of spreading awareness by practicing which you can reach the right set of the fresh targeted audience.

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Create interest- The second stage. Suppose out of 100 people 80 got to know about your brand. So what Will they purchase from you No they would probably not. So the second most important step you have to take is to build interest in your brand by convincing them how their problems can be fixed using your services.

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Manipulate their decision- The third stage. This section involves those people who have shown some interest in your brand by taking an action requested by you. Now here you have to work on making them clear how your brand is much better and unique than others in the market. In this way you have to convince people to take their decision in your favor.

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Let them purchase from you- The final stage. Horray Finally you get succeded in converting your leads into a potential client but is your work accomplished here No this is the point where you have to work on making your sale a satisfactory purchase for your clients. After all the potential client can be your lead for next purchase.

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Wrapping it up: Looking into advanced technologies for pushing your sales up is what the smart step every business person have to take. By customizing your sales funnel with the help of automation technology can literally help you to operate your business for long runs. So never stop yourself learning and implementing new things in the market.

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