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An Introduction to Come, Follow Me:

An Introduction to Come, Follow Me Learning Resources for Youth

How did the Savior teach?:

How did the Savior teach? Can you see the Savior in your mind—with His disciples gathered around Him?

How did the Savior teach?:

How did the Savior teach? What do you notice about His way of teaching and leading?

How did the Savior teach?:

How did the Savior teach? How did He help others learn, grow spiritually, and become converted to His gospel?

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Putting youth needs first

Putting youth needs first:

Putting youth needs first How will this change the way youth feel about their classes? How can you work with parents and other teachers to understand what youth need? What are the needs of our youth? How could Sunday classes help?

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Discovering together

Discovering together:

Discovering together In what ways will the experience of the youth be different from what they've experienced in the past? What can you do to prepare to teach in this way?

Leading to conversion:

Leading to conversion The First Presidency has taught that your purpose as a teacher of youth is to help them become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The path to conversion is a personal one. Conversion does not happen in a meeting, class, or activity alone. Ultimately, youth are converted by diligently living the gospel each day—praying, studying the scriptures, keeping the commandments, fulfilling priesthood and other duties, attending the temple, serving their families and others, and sharing the gospel. As they do these things, their desires, attitudes, and actions begin to align with Heavenly Father’s will. They become happy and confident, and they delight “to act . . . and not to be acted upon” (2 Nephi 2:26). They strive to obey the promptings of the Holy Ghost, resist temptation, and “do many [good] things of their own free will” (D&C 58:27). They become “saint[s] through the atonement of Christ” ( Mosiah 3:19). All of us are converted as we learn to walk the gospel path for ourselves. In your role, the way you befriend, encourage, and support youth in their personal spiritual devotion, and the way you teach and learn with them in both formal and informal settings, will help them stay on the path and progress toward personal, lifelong conversion.

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Leading to conversion

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