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Module 4 Mastery Assignment


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Module 4 Mastery Assignment:

Module 4 Mastery Assignment By: Joseph Lutz 4/3/2017

Parametric Equations:

Parametric Equations Sets of equations that express a set of quantities as function of an independent variable These functions create a parametric curve by graphing the x and y values from the given equations Both equations have a common parameter, usually the variable “T”, which allows you to conduct parameterization, which essentially consists of creation of the parametric equations and the interval of the T-values.


Formulas These are the most common formulas associated with parametric equations (slope)  

Example 1:

Example 1 Find given and Differentiate the parametric equations Plug into the formula and solve  

Vector-based Functions:

Vector-based Functions Vector based functions are functions with a domain that is a subset of real numbers, while the range is a set of vectors Formulas: These are the basic vector formulas:  

Example 2:

Example 2 Given the equations , find the velocity vector when T=1 Differentiae the parametric equations until you reached their desired form Plug in and solve:  

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