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Questions To Ask A Real Estate Agent When Buying:

Questions To Ask A Real Estate Agent When Buying Joseph Mignone Delaware


During the course of a long career in real estate appraisal, sales and property management, Joseph Mignone Delaware has worked with a wide variety of customers to help them achieve what they are looking for from their property transactions. If you want to make sure that you are going to be working with a professional who is capable of fulfilling your needs as a buyer, ask all of the following questions before making any decisions .

Why Is The Owner Selling?:

Why Is The Owner Selling ? This question is important as it can be used as a gateway to other questions about the quality of the property and anything that the agent would want to know before buying. Keep in mind that your real estate agent doesn’t have to provide an answer, and may even be bound by confidentiality agreements, but you may receive some hints as to the circumstances surrounding the sale .

What is Included In The Sale?:

What is Included In The Sale ? It is crucial that you know exactly what you will be getting before you commit any of your money to a purchase. Ask about what is included in the sale, as you may find that a garden fence or a greenhouse may actually be owned by somebody else. You should also ask about fixtures and fixings, in addition to the actual property boundaries .

What Is The Lowest Price The Seller Would Consider?:

What Is The Lowest Price The Seller Would Consider ? Joseph Mignone Delaware notes that a lot of sellers will be willing to negotiate below their asking prices, so make it a point to see if you can glean any information about a minimum price that you can use when entering negotiations .

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