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Unit 12: movie : 

Unit 12: movie

Movie : 

Movie Titanic (1997) Director: James Cameron Cast  Leonardo DiCaprio ... Jack Dawson Kate winslet ... Rose DeWitt Bukater Genre: Drama | Romance Tagline: Nothing On Earth Could Come Between Them Release Date: 18 February 1998 (Venezuela Runtime: 194 min Soundtrack: Wedding Dance

cast : 

cast Leonardo DiCaprio is: Kate Winslet Jack Dawson is: Rose DeWitt Bukater

cast : 

cast Billy Zane is: Caledon 'Cal' Hockley Kathy Bates is: Molly Brown Frances Fisher is: Ruth Dewitt Bukater Bill Paxton is: Brock Lovett

sinopsis : 

sinopsis The movie begins with a scene displaying the R.M.S. Titanic in 1912 a few minutes before departing on its Maiden Voyage. The 2200 people are seen waving goodbye for the last time, unknown to them.The endless waters of the Atlantic are seen sloshing as the title is displayed: TITANIC.A submarine is then seen lowering into the ghostly Atlantic waters of the present day. Brock Lovett (Bill Paxton) and his team of "Treasure Hunters/Grave Robbers" come to see the spooky image of the "Unsinkable" Titanic appear from the clearing. Lovett and his team divulge into the wreck, seeing scattered remains such as glasses, boots, and masks. The sub goes into a tattered bedroom, looking something. Lewis Bodine (Lewis Abernathy), a co-worker and friend of Lovett uses the mechanical arms of the sub to move over furniture to find a safe, their prize.

dialogo : 

dialogo (rose) hello jack (rose) I change my maind (rose) they said you may be out here (jack) shhh….. (jack) giveme you hand (jack) now close your eyes (jack) go on (jack) step up (jack) hold on to the realing … (jack) Keep your eyes close don’t pic (rose) Im not (jack) step up on the reail (jack) hold on .. (jack) hold on keep your eyes close (jack) I trust you.. (jack) all right… (jack) open your eyes .. (rose) Im “flyin jack” (jack) “come josefine my flying maching go”…..

Soundtracks forTitanic (1997) : 

Soundtracks forTitanic (1997) "My Heart Will Go On"Performed by Céline Dion (as Celine Dion)Music by James HornerLyric by Will JenningsProduced by James Horner and Simon FranglenCeline Dion performs courtesy of 550 Music/Sony Music Entertainment (Canada) Inc

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