The New York Giants vs. The New York Jets

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Jordan Goldstein Andrew Wood


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New York Giants Vs. New York Jets:

New York Giants Vs. New York Jets Jordan Goldstein and Andrew Wood

Why We Chose These Organizations :

Why We Chose These Organizations Avid sports fans Tremendous national and international success Both the Giants and Jets compete in the same New York Market Share the same venue: MetLife Stadium

Goals of Our Research:

Goals of Our Research Gain insight on similarities and differences between the two organizations Learn how the dynamic between two franchises work when sharing the same venue What are the ultimate goals of each organization How do the two franchises compete against one another

The New York Giants:

The New York Giants Founded in 1925 by Wellington Mara Currently owned by John Mara and Steve Tisch Purchased for $500 Franchise is currently valued at $1.55 billion Earns a yearly revenue of $338 million Headquartered at the Timex Performance Center in East Rutherford, NJ

The New York Jets:

The New York Jets Established in 1960 Currently owned by Woody Johnson Headquartered in Florham Park, NJ but play games in East Rutherford Valued at $1.38 Billion Earn a yearly revenue of $321 million


Data Media Documents Organizational Documents Survey Who is more successful? More stable? Displayed more in the media? More financially successful? Epitomize New York? Family and Friends Interviews Analyzed which team friends and family believed was more “successful” within the national spotlight and the New York Market Which franchise has had more media notoriety

New York Giants Core Beliefs:

New York Giants Core Beliefs Quiet Organization: Tom Coughlin Influence Winning Mentality Superbowl Champion: 1986, 1990, 2007, 2011 Quiet Champion Underdog Mentality

New York Jets Core Beliefs:

New York Jets Core Beliefs Brash/Aggressive Approach: Rex Ryan Influence Attract Media Attention Superbowl Champion: 1969

Dominant Organizational Culture: Giants:

Dominant Organizational Culture: Giants Relational Strategies of Leadership Owner Jon Mara Owner Steve Tisch Head Coach Tom Coughlin General Manager Jerry Reese VP of Communications Pat Hanlon

Dominant Organizational Culture: Jets:

Dominant Organizational Culture: Jets Relational Strategies of Leadership Owner Woody Johnson Head Coach Rex Ryan General Manager John Idzik

Giants and Jets Subculture:

Giants and Jets Subculture Transactional Styles of Leadership PLAYERS Captains Coaching Staff Front Office personnel

Similarities :

Similarities Within the top ten highest valued NFL franchises according to Forbes Share same stadium and most sponsors Highly regarded NFL f ranchises Similar Organizational structure Owner  Staff  Coaches Players

Differences :

Differences The Giants have won more Superbowls and are more historically successful The Jets were established 40 years after the Giants The Giants are more financially lucrative Do not frequently play against one another due to different conferences Head Coach personality Tom Coughlin: blue collar disciplinarian Rex Ryan: brash, loud

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