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9 T O P T I P S F O R B R O C H U R E D E S I G N

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K n o w y o u r o b j e c t i v e l i k e t h e b a c k o f y o u r h a n d To get your design good the most important thing that one should understand what it is for. One should know the right purpose whether it is for advertising your brand or for event. Know the proper objective to design your brochure. Ensure adding any information in brochure should be a direct communication with the market. Try covering every single thing that is relevant to your branding. Add the middle purpose of the brochure. Don’t use single point for your product use main points to get exact purpose for your product or services.

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K n o w y o u r c u s t o m e r s Brochure is best tool for communication and also important for your target audience to capture their ideas. Depending upon the things you targeted design your brochure accordingly. The more detailing the more effective it will be. Take different ideas from your firm and try designing it the best. Design of brochure should reflect the audience. Design your brochure in the form of postcard manner so that it can be easy to carry in pockets or handbags. Design brochure for the readers not for yourself. Good brochure will give good impression on the readers. Motivate readers to step in to buy your products or services. Most of people have short reading spans so don’t keep lengthy things that may lead to losing your customers.

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B e c r e a t i v e b e u n i q u e Creativity helps to gain attention in this competitive market. Be unique in the era where designer is staggering. Try thinking to design something unique and detail your work so beautifully that you can gain more attention in market. Creativity helps to build your brand identity. Look for different design and then choose unique design for your brochure. Don’t create mess just to get the unique and creative design.

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P r a c t i c e f o n t r e s t r a i n t s Always remember to use single style fonts only. Using multiple types of fonts can be disappointing for other especially when targeting market. Every company has signature fonts go with following fonts only. Be precise while choosing font style if want to go with different font style. Text shows the readability and helps to give the tone of brochure. Sometimes working with two different fonts helps to get more effect while design your fonts. One can go with 3 fonts style maximum don’t go beyond that.

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P u t a n e m p h a s i s o n t h e h e a d l i n e Headline should be highlighted so the reader should get the idea for what the brochure is. Headline should be convincing for any product or services. Don’t bluff anything in your headline which creates wrong impression for any firm. Basic information about any firm should not be highlighted in the form of brochure headline. Keep headline short but it should reflect your product idea. Add subheading of your product or services.

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A d d a c a l l - t o - a c t i o n It is the most important part for designing your brochure. In whatever way your brochure is designed well but if you forget to add your call action details then it won’t make any sense. May be your brochure would be best but without providing any basic firm details it will make no sense and audience will find it difficult to have contact with you . Add some promotions coupons to encourage customer to buy your products. Use large fonts for adding contact details so readers can get easily. Make immediate visibility by using larger fonts

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C h o o s e t h e r i g h t c o l o r s Choosing the right color for your brochure is the biggest challenge. People have different taste of colors some like dark shades while others prefer light shades so choose colors wisely. Same like fonts if your company having specific colors go with those colors only. Add contrast colors relating to your images and the design of the brochure.

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U s e h i g h - q u a l i t y p a p e r Always use best paper quality for your brochure to get good impression. Its costly than using regular paper but using high quality paper will add values to your brand and shows your efforts towards your brand. High quality papers gives more flexibility with colors and printing technique. Do not pick thin papers. Using better quality papers are worth reading for reader. Use coating on paper like using matte or glossy coating that gives good look for your brochure. Better paper material better durability that will last long.

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A d d a p p r o p r i a t e i m a g e s Broacher without does not make any sense. Adding images related to your products or services will add values to your branding. Images attract more than texts. Make sure images should be well formed and with good vision. Use high resolution for brochure design as image quality is very important. If going to use product images ensure that they are arranged in proper manner even one can hire photographer to get the best quality product photos. Don’t keep blur images into your brochure. Use constant images throughout your brochure. Images should be similar to your color of the brochure.

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