Killer Tips for Photoshop Newbies

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Learn some cool tricks for photoshop


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Killer Tips for Photoshop Newbies:

Killer Tips for Photoshop Newbies

1. Learning Keyboard Shortcuts:

1. Learning Keyboard Shortcuts V = move tool F – toggles through display screen modes Space bar = temporary hand key B – paintbrush tool D – sets the foreground/background colorss to default X – swaps between background and foreground color E – eraser tool S – stamp or cloning tool W – quick selection tool Ctrl+j – duplicates the selected layer

2. Color Enhancing – Saturation versus Vibrance:

2. Color Enhancing – Saturation versus Vibrance Color is another domain you can try while enhancing your photographs. Generally when you are beginning in photography, enhancing the color of every image looks good, as if the colors are speaking out of the photographs. It will be lot more helpful if you can understand the difference between how saturation and vibrance works. 

3. Adding a Vignette:

3. Adding a Vignette Vignetting is basically a technique to darken the edges of your frame so that the eyes move to the subject more easily. This procedure works best when you have a subject in the center. Our eyes tend to move towards the brighter part of the image and recede on the darker side. This technique will result in dark space around the subject.

4. Adding Sharpness and Details:

4. Adding Sharpness and Details Adding sharpness is another technique for beginners in Photoshop. This will make your image look more detailed. I would suggest detailing most of your images with appropriate values. But make sure you sharpen, or detail your images with a small value if you are going to upload images on Facebook because it compresses the images and adds some detail to make it took a bit sharper. So when an already sharpened image is uploaded in Facebook, there is a change of it looking too edgy.

5. Photoshop Filter Gallery:

5. Photoshop Filter Gallery Filters are basically automated effects that you apply to your images with a few clicks. Filters can help you to achieve certain special effects or looks. There are various filters in Photoshop, which you can pick individually, each filter results in different effect when applied to different images. You an also apply more than one and stack them. Though I don’t use filters much, it’s good to explore if you are just starting out in Photoshop. Later, when you are more familiar with advanced tools and techniques you can try to create the similar effect from manual options and controls.

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