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ARTS INTEGRATION THE TRUE VALUE By Cody Spencer Ottawa University

Arts integration:

Arts integration THE TRUE VALUE

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Arts education not only enhances students' understanding of the world around them, but it also broadens their perspective on traditional academics. The arts give us the creativity to express ourselves, while challenging our intellect. The arts integrate life and learning for all students and are integral in the development of the whole person. --Dr. Terry Bergeson, former State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington State, November 2001

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New Harris poll reveals that 93% of Americans agree that arts are vital to providing a well rounded education for children Students who took four years of arts coursework outperformed their peers who had only ½ year or less of arts course work by 58 points on verbal and 38 points on math. ( Rabkin , Rose & Parks, 2002)

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2009 Study on arts integration by Walker, Tabone & Weltsek found that students in a theater/language arts integrated classroom passed state assessments at a higher rate than students in a non-arts integrated classroom.


Project Zero reviewed over 200 hundred published and unpublished studies on arts integration and found a clear connection between music and drama and increased achievement in math and reading

Third Grade Unit Topic: THE FOOD PYRAMID:

Third Grade Unit Topic: THE FOOD PYRAMID Lesson One: Foods Around the World Lesson Two: Name That Food Lesson Three: What We Eat


BENEFITS TO STUDENTS The arts are enriched with the stuff kids need to succeed. Just like kids need to have good nutrition on a daily basis, kids need to have their daily serving of the arts. Studies have shown that involvement in the arts helps kids increase test scores and promotes academic achievement. Kids who are involved in the arts are: 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement 3 times more likely to be elected to class office within their schools 4 times more likely to participate in a math and science fair 3 times more likely to win an award for school attendance Retrieved from:

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The National Endowment for the Arts has taken the position that it is impossible to make schools more effective centers of learning without the arts (Welch, 1995)


ARTS INTEGRATION THE TRUE VALUE By Cody Spencer Ottawa University

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