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After the whole restless time of getting pregnant and going through labor, the thought of taking utmost care of the baby can be pretty overwhelming. Here are some tips that will help even first time parents feel confident about their duty and responsibility as a parent.


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Baby Safety Products

Ultimate Safety Gates:

Ultimate Safety Gates Constructed of a robust steel and covered with a white powder coated finish, this metal child safety gate provides a sleek look when babyproofing your home. The stylish curve on the crown of the door brings character to this metal baby safety gate. To release the lock of the gate, slide the switch sideways, which is located on top of the handle near the door’s red/green locking indicator .

Baby Gates:

Baby Gates Our easy wall mounted baby gates are constructed of robust steel bars with nylon plastic hinges and wall attachments. Special features of these baby gates that screw into the wall include no floor bar or trip hazards, all the necessary parts for easy Do It Yourself construction, swing direction control, as well as, one-handed opening and closing capability. Every hinge and attachment is made of a thick, hearty nylon plastic which will confidently hold the permanent baby gate in its proper position for reassured safety in your home. The safety gates feature an unobstructed opening for hazard-free walking through of the wall mounted baby gate.

Gate Parts & Accessories:

Gate Parts & Accessories Here at Perma Child Safety, we understand the value of protecting your child or pet from areas in your home and garden which could potentially be dangerous for them. With multiple scenarios that could potentially take place in everyday life, we understand how crucial it is to take the proper precautions for safety. Our baby gate replacement parts are essential to the integrity of the safety barrier of your choice. Every detail counts when it comes to the safety of the precious ones in your home.


Gates-Barriers Here at Perma Child Safety, we value the importance of protecting the little ones you love. The baby gate hardware for our child safety gates is constructed of the highest-quality materials that will last you for years to come. From infants to pets, safety is the main goal so that you may have the assurance you need when it comes to childproofing your home. At Perma Child Safety, our primary aim is to provide affordable childcare products with the latest technology in safety.

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