The Heirloom He Gave Me PP

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You will wonder why I wear this old watch

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the contrast between this one And the lavishly new,

Slide 4:

Will confuse your young mind

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But son, little do you know that this heirloom Will one day be strapped around your strong wrist.

Slide 6:

Like me, you will think of your father and the life he lived

Slide 7:

But I will warn you, not like my father did, I like wish he did,

Slide 8:

That the complexities of life will never fully make sense

Slide 9:

However, my best efforts will—with any luck—convince you,

Slide 10:

To live life with much joy, love, and contentment.

Slide 11:

Do not seek the meaning of life, you will die disappointed;

Slide 12:

Rather, seek happiness Remember to look down at the watch I gave you

Slide 13:

And ponder on the advice you want your own son to hear

Slide 14:

This watch of mine will not give you hope, It will show you, through the roller coaster that is life

Slide 15:

That hope lies in the pains and troubles Life will bring.

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