communication through centuries past, present and future

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Communications history in Lithuania


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Communication through centuries Past, Present and Future

Communication History of Lithuania : 

Communication History of Lithuania Since ancient times a human interaction was based on the information exchange. Many centuries a humanity news were transferred trough couriers. A technical progress allowed to the emergence of new means of communication: optical telegraph, radio, electric telegraph, telephone and computer.

Post history : 

Post history During World War I, the territory of Lithuania was occupied by Germany. All post offices were closed. It was only on the 15th of January 1916 that the citizens of Lithuania were allowed to use the German post, still letters could only be written in German. In May of 1916 the occupational authorities allowed to write letters to relatives residing in the USA using a specially designed text, which had to be copied by the sender in the presence of a German officer. Correspondence in the Lithuanian language was allowed in 1917.

Stagecoach Post office 1917 : 

Stagecoach Post office 1917

Development of Communication Technologies : 

Development of Communication Technologies In 1910, the military garrison of Kaunas started using the spark radio telegraph. In 1926, the following words of the first radio station in Kaunas were broadcast to the public: "Hello, hello Kaunas is speaking". In 1935, the automatic telephone exchange (ATS) was built in Klaipeda. It was the first step towards the automation of communication technologies. Electromechanic ATS replaced the old-fashioned commentators', which helped the operators to connect subscribers.

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In 1970, crossbar telephone exchanges started their operation in Lithuania.Quasi-electronic equipment came into use in the last decades of the 20th century. Long distance calls and digital multichanell communication systems were automated as well. In 1991, the first fibre optic cable was laid between Vilnius and Kaunas. This was the important beginning of the application of new communication technologies.With the use of high-speed electronic systems, means of communication continued to advance, starting with underground optical cables, fibre optic systems and ending with satellites.

Old communication apparatus : 

Old communication apparatus

Electronic Computing Machines as First Computers : 

Electronic Computing Machines as First Computers The electronic computing machine (ECM0 is one of the most amazing inventions of mankind. It replaced the abacus which was invented 1500 years ago. Lithuanian electronic computing machines manufactured by Vilnius Sigma such as "Rūta 110" and "P 701" as well as computing machines manufactured in Eastern Europe are exhibited in the Museum. One of the most interesting examples of global information technologies is a calculator manufactured by Hewlett Packard in 1973 with some characteristics of the computer.

Moments away : 

Moments away

Video from museum : 

Video from museum

What children think about communication in future : 

What children think about communication in future Alanas : We will communicate by thoughts. Egidija: Our communication will be continued by a light aid. Erika: I think that in the future we'll  communicate using TV, because  letters, telephone, a computer already are used as a communication means. Created by pupils of the fourth class and teachers Jolanta Gilvonauskienė and Vaidutė Mažeikienė from primary school-kindergarten “Saulutė”, Gargždai, Lithuania

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