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WHO WE ARE  AR Engineering is a company founded by Mr. Arvind Mutalik in 1988 for manufacturing of transformer oil filtration machines. Since then AR Engineering has developed different types of Insulating Oil upgrading systems suitable for in-house and onsite operation. The plants are suitable for Transformer Capacitor Manufacturers Transformer Repairers Transformer Owners Oil filtration service providers etc. These plants work on low temperature high vacuum principle.

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ABOUT US  The plants are suitable for Transformer Capacitor Manufacturers Transformer Repairers Transformer Owners Oil filtration service providers etc. These plants work on low temperature high vacuum principle.  We also developed Trickle Impregnating Machines for varnishing of electrical machines windings such as armatures rotors field coils stators. These machines are suitable for varnishing of electrical windings in mass production. Auto electrical parts mixers fans electrical motors Instrument transformers etc. are few to name.  We also manufacture Vacuum Impregnation Plants for big electrical windings and Vacuum Drying Ovens for drying of transformers capacitors etc. On line transformer oil regeneration plants are under development.

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ABOUT US  Our Customer list includes clients ranging from small oil filtration service providers to big customers like NTPC BHEL NHPC various electricity boards etc. Our plants are working all over India and countries such as Saudi Arabia Jordan Qatar Iraq Nepal Bangladesh Zambia Equator Egypt Turkey etc.  Our products are designed to suit specific requirements of customers  Our plants / machines are with minimum and easy maintenance.  Low operating costs due to adaptation of latest technology.  Our main aim is total customer satisfaction.

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INDUSTRIAL OIL PURIFICATION SYSTEMS Industrial Oil purification systems are designed manufactured to suit the specific requirement of the customer. Normally the oil is deteriorated by contamination of foreign particles moisture free dissolved oxidation sludge etc. The deteriorated oil affects the performance of the equipment in which it is used because of change in properties. Different modules are designed to remove particular types of contaminations. The purification system normally consists of filtration / purification stages for economical operation. In pre filtration stage coarse particles are removed using cleanable / washable elements. In intermediate stage the major portion of the contaminants removed by using the properly selected filter elements suitable for oil to be purified. In final stage the fine contaminants are removed by special elements to suit the final application and purification level. The free moisture removal is carried out either by gravity separation methods such as spirafuge centrifuge or by using coalescer elements. Dissolved moisture is removed partially by coalescer elements and finally by vacuum treatment.

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INDUSTRIAL OIL PURIFICATION SYSTEMS  Following modules are used frequently in oil purification systems:  PRE FILTERS :Strainers : with suitable size perforated or wire mesh element are used to remove major portion of suspended particles.  Magnetic Filters / Separators : These are used to remove magnetic impurities. These are used especially to filter the cutting oil / coolant where the magnetic dirt contaminate oil during processes such as grinding honing reaming etc.  Spirafuge:These are used to remove free moisture and coarse suspended particles from oils. In these the oil is given the spiral path around the filter strainer so that vortex is formed at the bottom so that heavier particles and water are collected at the bottom and can be removed periodically by opening drain valve. The dirt is collected on the surface of the central filter element which is carried by the oil to bottom when drain valve is opened so the filter is cleaned without opening the filter chamber.

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CONTACT US AR Engineering L - 77 Additional M.I.D.C. Satara - 415004 India +91 - 98223 93556 +91 - 9422605890 +91 - 9423992734 E-mail :

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