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India Metal Corporation is a top growing Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals Scrap in India. Iron and steel scrap, also referred to as ferrous scrap dealer in pune, comes from many consumer and industrial products such as automobiles, steel structures, household appliances, railroad tracks, ships, farm equipment, and other sources. We also offer a range of metal non ferrous scrap buyer in india i.e Shredded Fridge Aluminum, Shredded Motors, Fridge Compressors, Aluminum Wires, Zinc Sheets. Metal Ferrous & Non Ferrous Scrap Buyer,Metal Ferrous & Non Ferrous Scrap Seller,Metal Ferrous & Non Ferrous Scrap Dealer,Metal Ferrous & Non Ferrous Scrap in dealer in Pune,Metal Ferrous & Non Ferrous Scrap seller in Pune,Metal Ferrous & Non Ferrous Scrap buyer in Pune,Metal Ferrous & Non Ferrous Scrap buyer in India,Metal Ferrous & Non Ferrous Scrap seller in India,Metal Ferrous & Non Ferrous Scrap dealer in India


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Dealers in : All types of Metal Ferrous Non Ferrous scrap

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Dealers in : All types of Metal Ferrous Non Ferrous scrap Welcome To India Metal Corporation has been in the business of buying scrap since many years and has thus acquired an extensive expertise in handling all kind of scrap such as ferrous and non ferrous aluminium scrap plastic scrap copper scrap paper and waste scrap etc. To assess the availability of our services on computer we registered our online presence. Having based ourselves on the services demanded by companies we have created innovative user-friendly customer relation.

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About Us India Metal Corporation. Without focussed vision and capability a brilliant idea will just remain idle in the minds cold storage. At India Metal Corporation we strongly believe in the powers of ideas. Ideas that when executed will bring about a profound change in the way ideas are conceived. To us its all about the passion and ability to articulate an idea ensuring it travels the distance and shapes into something concrete.

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Why India Metal Corporation  On site estimate of your scrap.  Whole process as cost effective as possible.  We can provide services at anywhere in Pune considering quantity.  We are just a call away from you.

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Our services  Metal Ferrous Metal Non Ferrous  Copper Brass Scarp  Aluminium Scrap  Steel Scrap  Glass Scrap  Iron M.S. Scrap

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Metal Ferrous Non Ferrous Scrap

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Metal Ferrous Non Ferrous Scrap  Metal Ferrous :  Ferrous metals contain iron and are known for their strength. Think steel stainless steel carbon steel cast iron. Ferrous metals are used in both architectural and industrial fabrication such as skyscrapers bridges vehicles and railroads.  Example of Metal Ferrous are:  Steel : Iron plus carbon widely used in construction and industrial metal fabrication  Carbon steel : Even higher carbon content added to iron exceptionally hard metal  Stainless steel : An alloy steel made with added chromium which protects against rust  Other alloy steels : Lightweight metals such as chromium nickel titanium added to strengthen other metals without adding weight  Cast iron : Iron carbon silicon heavy hard metal that is resistant to wear

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Metal Ferrous Non Ferrous Scrap  Metal Non Ferrous :  Non-ferrous metals don’t contain iron they’re usually more corrosion-resistant than ferrous metals. Some examples of non-ferrous metals are aluminum aluminum alloys and copper which are often used in industrial applications such as gutters roofing pipes and electrical. Non-ferrous metals also include brass gold nickel silver tin lead and zinc. Other common properties of non-ferrous metals are non-magnetic malleable and lightweight.  Example of Metal Ferrous are:  Aluminium : Lightweight low-strength easily shaped  Copper : Highly malleable with high electrical conductivity  Lead : Heavy soft malleable metal low melting point low strength  Tin : Soft malleable low tensile strength metal often used to coat steel to prevent corrosion  Zinc : medium-strength metal with low melting point widely used in galvanizing to prevent rust on iron or steel

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