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BIRTH CONTROL METHODS Is a pregnancy prevention The deliberate limiting, usually by contraceptive means, of the number of children

FOR WOMAN Birth control methods woman can use without going to a clinic or doctor::

FOR WOMAN Birth control methods woman can use without going to a clinic or doctor: 1. Female Condom I s a soft, loose-fitting thin plastic pouch that goes inside a woman’s vagina. You plan ahead and put it in before sex and use a new condom each time you have sex. protect you from both pregnancy and STDs, including HIV. A re plastic so people who are allergic to latex can use them

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2. Fertility awareness method Learn how to tell when you get pregnant. Avoid sex or use other birth control during this time.

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3. Spermicides Are chemicals that kill sperm. They come in foam, gel, film or suppositories. Spermicides used with a condom are very effective.

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4. Abstinence protect partners from pregnancy and STDs/HIV. choose at any time and at any age.

Hormone methods give constant protection from pregnancy. See a clinic or doctor for this methods: :

Hormone methods give constant protection from pregnancy. See a clinic or doctor for this methods: 5. Birth control pills You take one pill at the same time every day. Missing a pill increases your chance of pregnancy. Easy to take and are effective birth control that doesn’t interrupt sex.

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6. The “shot” ( Depo Provera ) You get a birth control shot once every 3 months. Is an easy methods

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7. Birth control patch ( O rtho E vra ) Is a thin, stick-on square that is place on your body to prevent the release of an egg. A new patch is used once a week for three weeks and the fourth week is patch free. Is almost 100 percent effective when used the right way.

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8. Vaginal ring ( N uvaring ) Small, soft plastic ring has hormones to prevent pregnancy. Place a new ring in your vagina every month. Easy to use and is almost 100% effective.

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9. Implant ( I mplanon ) Thin, 2 inch plastic rod that use hormones to prevent pregnancy for 3 years. A clinic doctor or nurse inserts it under the skin on the inside of your arm. Very effective

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10. IUD ( Paragard )/IUS ( Mirena ) These small devices are inserted into your uterus. They work for 5-10 years and very effective.

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11. Diaphragm This is a rubber cap that need to be fitted to your size by a clinic doctor or nurse. Inserted into the vagina each time have sex.

Permanent birth control:

Permanent birth control Sterilization Getting your “tube tied” (tubal ligation) or blocked are safe, effective procedures. Emergency contraceptive (plan B)/ EC Taken after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. Reduces the risk of pregnancy when taken as soon as possible or within 5 days of sex. not the same as the abortion pill and will not stop or harm the pregnancy or fetus if you are already pregnant. As a back-up in case a condom breaks or another birth control method fails.


CONTRACEPTIVE FOR MEN Condoms Protect from both pregnancy and STDs including HIV. Give you the best protection when use in the right way. Latex or thin plastic (polyurethane) Keep safe from heat, direct sunlight and oil-based lubricants as these may cause the condom to break.

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2 . Withdrawal or “pulling out” In control, pulling of penis away from the vagina before ejaculate (cum). Prevent sperm from entering a woman’s body and reaching an egg. Does not protect from STDs or HIV. It maybe hard to pull out. How will it works depends on being able to know when you will cum.

Permanent birth control for men:

Permanent birth control for men Vasectomy Simple procedures. Tube that carry sperm to the penis are cut and sealed. Permanent (not reversible) birth control and should be chosen only if you are sure you do not want a child. Done in a clinic or doctor’s office and take about 30 minutes. One of the safest, most effective and popular birth control methods. Note: Vasectomy will not change your sex drive, your ability to have sex or orgasms.

Sexual Responses :

Sexual Responses Human do not have a mating season ,females are sexually receptive to the male at all times of the year. 4stages in mating: Arousal,plateau,orgasm,and resolution

Question and answers about sex?:

Question and answers about sex? 1.When do kids starts becoming curious about sex? 2.What sort of “sexual”behavior do young's kids exhibit? 3.Is it ok to use nicknames for private parts? 4.What do you tell a very young child who ask where babies come from? 5.What should you do if you catch kids “playing doctor” (showing private parts to each other)? 6.When should parents sit kids down for that all important “birds and bees” talk? 7.At what age should nudity in the home be curtailed? 8.To what extent can parents depend on school to teach sex education? 9.At what age should girls be told about menstruation?

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