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Cisco 200-125 :

Cisco 200-125 CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA (v3.0) https://www.dumps4download.co.in/free-200-125-practice-questions.html


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Information: Exam Number 200-125 CCNA Associated Certifications CCNA Routing and Switching Duration 90 Minutes (60 - 70 questions) Available Languages English, Japanese https://www.dumps4download.co.in/free-200-125-practice-questions.html

Question No 1:

A router has learned three possible routes that could be used to reach a destination network One route is from EIGRP and has a composite metric of 07104371. Another route is from OSPF with a metric of 782 The last is from RIPv2 and has a metric of 4 Which route or routes will the router install in the routing table? A: the EIGRP route B: the OSPF route C: the RIPv2 route D: all three routes E: the OSPF and RIPv2 routes Answer: A Question No 1 https://www.dumps4download.co.in/free-200-125-practice-questions.html

Question No 2:

If you configure syslog messages without specifying the logging trap level, which log messages will the router send? A: error conditions only B: warning and error conditions only C:normal but significant conditions only D:all levels except debugging E: informational messages only Answer: E Question No 2 https://www.dumps4download.co.in/free-200-125-practice-questions.html

Question No 3:

Which feature facilitates the tagging of frames on a specific VLAN? A: routing B: hairpinning C: switching D: encapsulation Answer: D Question No 3 https://www.dumps4download.co.in/free-200-125-practice-questions.html

Question No 4:

Which two options are primary responsibilities of the APIC-EM controller? (Choose two.) A: It automates network actions between different device types. B: It provides robust asset management. C: It tracks license usage and Cisco IOS versions. D: It automates network actions between legacy equipment. E: It makes network functions programmable. Answer: A E Question No 4 https://www.dumps4download.co.in/free-200-125-practice-questions.html

Question No 5:

Which WAN topology provides a direct connection from each site to all other sites on the network? A: single-homed B: full mesh C: point-to-point D: hub-and-spoke Answer: B Question No 5 https://www.dumps4download.co.in/free-200-125-practice-questions.html



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Cisco 200-125 CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA (v3.0) Complete PDF Download From Dumps4download.co.in https://www.dumps4download.co.in/free-200-125-practice-questions.html

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