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Question 1: What should the To DS and From DS flags be to set to in an Association Response frame A. To DS 0 From DS 0 B. To DS 0 From DS 1 C. To DS 1 From DS 0 D. To DS 1 From DS 1 Answer: A

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Question 2: What does the value of the Listen Interval field in an Association request frame indicate A. How long a STA performing active scanning will listen for Probe Responses before changing channels B. How often a STA will go off channel to look for other BSSs C. How often a STA in power save mode wakes up to listen to Beacon frames D. How long a STA waits for an Ack before retransmitting the frame Answer: C p

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Question 3: ABC International has installed a new smart ZigBee controlled lighting system. However the network team is concerned that this new system will interface with the existing WLAN and has asked you to investigate the impact of the two systems operating simultaneously in the 2.4 GHz band. When performing Spectrum Analysis which question could you answer by looking at the FFT plot A. Do the ZigBee channels used by the lightning system overlap with the WLAN channels B. Is the ZigBee system using more the 50 of the available airtime C. Is the ZigBee system causing an increase in WLAN retries D. Is the WLAN corrupting ZigBee system messages Answer: C

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Question 4: Which one of the statements regarding the Frame Control field in an 802.11 MAC header is true A. Only Control frames have a Frame Control field B. The Frame Control field contains three sub-fields and eight one-bit flags C. The Frame Control field is used to communicate the duration value D. The Frame Control field is always set to 0 Answer: D

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Question 5: Which one of the following statements describes the function of WMM Admission Control A. APs guarantee Voice and Video access categories priority over the WLAN medium B. APs control access to the wireless medium by polling STAs for data packets C. APs regulate the available bandwidth in an attempt to provide a guarantee of the amount of time that a STA has available to access the channel D. Provides a new 802.11 Authentication method for Voice devices Answer: A

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