How to make a bookshelf in 3ds max

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I am going to show you how to modify an object by manipulating it through editable poly. We are going to learn this by changing a box into bookshelf first. I am going to adjust our system use. For more info visit


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Welcome To Live Training Lab Official:

Welcome To Live Training Lab Official

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Welcome To Online 3ds Max Course by LiveTrainingLab If you want to get more info about 3ds max you can visit our page at

Today We Will Learn:

Today We Will Learn How to make a bookshelf in 3ds max

Modify Objects:

Modify Objects I am going to show you how to modify an object by manipulating it through editable poly. We are going to learn this by changing a box into bookshelf first. I am going to adjust our system use. 2-centimeter go to the customized unit set up system then choose centimeter then choose metric and then go to centimeter later you can change it into inch unit. If you want click-drag it releases and they’re pulling up.

Bottom Part :

You can see that the bottom part automatically will be on the zero the same thing. If you make a cylinder. If you make it in this viewport the same thing would happen only the bass Parton will be in the y0 to erase the object is selected and then press delete on your keyboard now. Let’s get back to this box maximize the viewport go-to modifier which is the second button from the left in certain number learn zoom extends the object select the object and then press yet next. Right-click to convert it into editable poly. Bottom Part

Pressing F and Z:

Pressing F and Z I just editable poly for most of my object because it is a development from vegetable mesh and therefore has a lot more parameter modifier. So it will be more flexible to shape map click editable poly then press f3. So you can see in the form of wire mesh-like this rotate it a little bit then click this plus sign then just age choose two front edges and then connected by clicking this box side connect in the earlier version of 3ds max. This form is still in rectangle windows with the segment writing in it. You have to insert the segment number here in this case put in 3 clicks this check sign ok and let me click it once more then turn to front view by pressing F and then Z.

Top Middle and Bottom Part:

Top Middle and Bottom Part We can see from the front of you now to select that move to choose this edge then put in the height here which is 10 next the middle one put 80 plus 1 210. Click the middle part then choose chamfer put it 2.5 this chamber will divide this line with the same direction so in total. We will have 5-centimeter distance and then control a to choose all of the ages and then change the view to perspective by pressing F and zoom extents using set rotate the screen a little then scroll out then go to polygon mode. Click polygon and then choose to top middle and bottom part and then extrude click here your 3d max version is earlier than 2011 make sure that you change it into polygon and then change the value to 2.5 clocks OK twice and then go to edge choose the edge here and then choose the other one parallel to the by pressing ctrl. Choose a new edge. If accidentally choose the wrong edge just pressed out and choose the edge to deselect it and then back to control and choose the right one. Then back to connect an in segment put in to click OK twice and then make two polygons just insert change to by polygon put into going to extra. Extra by polygon minus 1.5. Okay, insert one more time.

Inner Edge:

Inner Edge Now go to edge mode choose the inner edge while holding ctrl. If you hold the wrong line just hold up now connect it okay go to chamfer put into. Okay, repeat it to the next shelves. Left polygons now perspective choose this shelves extra. Choose the inner age. Again change the value to five. Now chambray put it 0.25 go-to colleague on extruding by 1.5 centimeters. Okay close the editable poly by clicking this and this is the good result.



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