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How to play card magic:

By Johny Yang How to play card magic


There are many cards here, and they are normal.( Just a little small) Frist


There are many kinds of color cards inside . Second


Press this Mark , something strange will happen.~~~ Then


Try again ~~~ you see that ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next

PLUM 10:

All the cards become to plum 10 PLUM 10


Do u know why? Know?

1st Secret:

The secret is here 1st Secret You can see that there are always one colorful card between two plum 10, this is the first secret~~~

2nd Secret:

3/1/2013 2nd Secret See that? there is one short card between two long cards, or you can think like one long card between two short cards, and that's the secret~~~

Thank you!:

3/1/2013 Thank you! Thank you for watching and you can make the cards like one short and one long by yourself, Good luck!!~~~~

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