Installation Basics Of Mesh Fence For Horses


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Installation Basics Of Mesh Fence For Horses


Mesh fencing in Australia blocks predators and confines the horses safely. It is especially helpful where a farmer possesses small pets which can potentially damage pastures. Mesh wire is known to be more effective than typical high tensile wire or board fences as it is tightly woven to shield horses from walking down or stepping through the fence. This is a definitive guide to mesh fence installation.


Selecting appropriate mesh Fencing mesh wire is either knotted, wove, or welded, with regards to the metal gauge applied. Wove and welded mesh are the commonest designs while knotted mesh is preferred for its flexibility although it comes with some sharp edges which might hurt the equines.


Gauge This refers to the thickness of the wire used. Heavy animal confinement like horse fencing needs a wire gauge of 9-10. The sizes are different varying from 0.25-4 inches and can either be rectangular or diamond-shaped.


No-Climb horse fencing The mesh used in this case is a heavy 10-12 gauge design of 2 by 4 inches and diamond-shaped. This mesh is built in such patterns that deter horses from damaging the fence through stepping with hoofs.


Construction techniques To install a wire mesh securely, wood posts and rails are used for attachment. Using wooden posts will consume time as holes must be dug first and concrete prepared. Metal posts on the other hand are weak but easy to install. Wood posts should be used in all terminals, that is, gates, corners, and ends. Metal post can be incorporated but only for line or intermediate posts. The horse fence needs wood posts which are aligned in a straight line. For a tight fence, the posts spacing should not exceed 10 feet apart.


The installation of mesh fence may consume a reasonable amount of time because it entails setting posts. Wood posts are highly recommended as they are strong. Metal posts are easy to put into the ground as they are simply driven into the ground without digging holes or preparing concrete. However, they become loose where tight mesh is installed.


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