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The Avast is widely known for the security and computer optimization software offered by it. Also, these applications are available for various devices such as Windows, Mac, and Android. Moreover, the user can also install


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AVAST LOGIN HELP • IS AVAST SECURITY IS GOOD Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier are good choices for protecting your computers and mobile devices. Both did well in our in-house test for malware protection and other test labs had similar results. During our testing of the best internet security suites Avast earned a 98 percent for malware protection. It prevented us from visiting websites with malicious downloads by displaying a warning messages. If we visited a safe site Avast’s icon in the right corner of our browser showed green. Malware downloads were interrupted and we were given details about the threat including the type of threat like a Trojan or rootkit. Because the program has secure delete most threats were automatically removed from our system without ever hitting the quarantine folder. Avast did miss several virus downloads though. These were saved in various parts of our computer and were found during the full virus scan. Found threats were sent to the quarantine folder for us to double check before permanently deleting them. Though Avast does have a free antivirus program its paid versions come with more tools. Both Avast Internet Security and Premier have a personal firewall. This monitors your internet connection to see if anyone is using it to spy on you and gather personal information. It will also tell you if anyone is piggybacking on your connection which causes your internet service to run slower. Avast also includes a vulnerability scanner with both paid versions. This looks for outdated software or weak passwords and helps you secure them better. This is invaluable because these are vulnerable points that hackers and ransomware often take advantage of.

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• IS AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS Avast is a Free system protection tool which you can easily download from your browser. But there is paid membership in this software which gives you advance safety options in your system through which you can increase the safety of your system. Its a complete tool that protects against threats from the internet email your local files P2P connections instant messages and much more. In fact the 2019 version outdoes its competitors to a pretty significant extent. • IMPORTANT FEATURES It scans browser plugins too to find installs that have a poor reputation and may be malicious. Wi-Fi Inspector scans your network to find vulnerabilities such as identifying routers that are using default passwords and checking if your network is accessible from the internet. A feature called Do Not Disturb Mode is included in Avast Free Antivirus which will block pop-ups while any program is in fullscreen mode or while gaming or watching movies. This is great so that you dont see update or virus alerts while presenting something or playing a live game. The Behavior Shield feature built-in to Avast keeps a constant eye on your applications to make sure they dont start to act differently which could be a sign of a virus attempting to manipulate the software. Windows 10 8 and 7 except Starter and RT editions are all supported operating systems for Avast Free Antivirus. You can get Avast for Mac too and its also free. Yearly registration is required to continue use but Avast Free Antivirus regularly updates malware definitions and the program itself to stay current against new threats.

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• Installation Issues: Pay Attention While Installing Avast Youll be asked to install Avasts web browser or some other program or tool during installation. These additions are not required just uncheck the boxes if youre not interested. Youre required to register Avast to use it for more than 30 days but registration is free and pretty simple. Youll also have to re-register once each year but again this is free.But when you want some advance features of security hopefullyyou need to be paid for it. • STEPS TO INSTALL AVAST ANTIVIRUS 1. Click DOWNLOAD FREE ANTIVIRUS. Its an orange button in the middle of the page. 2. Wait for Avast to begin downloading. 3. Open the Avast setup file. 4. Follow the prompts to install Avast. 5. Open Avast.

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6. Click the Status tab. 7. Click RUN SMART SCAN. 8. Wait for the scan to complete. • What is a computer virus A computer virus is a program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge or permission. Some viruses are merely annoying and destroyed your system completely but most viruses are destructive and designed to infect and gain control over vulnerable systems. A virus can spread across computers and networks by making copies of itself just like a biological virus passes from one person to another. • Where a PC virus comes from

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Computer viruses are usually hidden in a commonly used program such as a game or PDF viewer or you may receive an infected file attached to an email or from another file you downloaded from the Internet. As soon as you interact with the file run the program click on an attachment or open the file the virus runs automatically. The code can then copy itself to other files and make changes on your computer. • How to remove a virus Remove all temporary files and run a virus scan using antivirus software. If any viruses are detected delete them. Avast Free Antivirus includes a virus scanner and cleaner which can easily and quickly remove any virus from your device. But it’s more than just a free virus removal tool - it’s also real-time protection against all virus attacks. • How to prevent viruses 1. Avoid programs from unknown sources. 2. Dont open attachments from unsolicited email or in Facebook. 3. Only download apps from Google’s official Android Market. 4. Secure your phone with Avast Free Mobile Security.

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• Use a free virus removal tool to protect yourself There is no better way to recognize remove and prevent viruses than to use an antivirus tool with a virus scanner and cleaner the best of which is provided for free by Avast. Avast help you to remove unwanted virusestrash filesencrypted scripts e.t.c from your system to take out its best efficiency. • Why Avast 1. Consistently rated “excellent” by industry experts 2. Trusted by 400 million people worldwide 3. It’s the "Antivirus with the lowest impact on PC performance” AV comparatives 4. Best features - unbreakable password security home network protection browser cleaning and much more

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