Latest Trends In Seo To Stay Ahead In Competition

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Latest trends in seo to stay ahead in competition:

Latest trends in seo to stay ahead in competition

Search engine optimization:

Search engine optimization Search engine optimization is something which helps your business to reach in top results in the search engine page results . Strategies and techniques used for search engine optimization are evolving and to stay ahead in competition one should thoroughly know what should do and what should not do. Let’s see some of the strategies in seo that helps your business to stay ahead in competition.


#1. INFOGRAPHICS An image with relevant information is more effective to grab the visitor’s attention. Infographics enhance more social shares and leads .


#2. LONG TERM CONTENT Long term content gets more visibility in search results. It has been observed that long term content achieve high ranking and quality

#3. Social media:

#3. Social media A major part of branding relies on social media platforms. Social media sharing helps in building more traffic.


#4. MOBILE STRATEGIES Make sure that your website in mobile friendly and attractive to mobile users. It is crucial to adopt mobile strategies


#5. ACCELERATED MOBILE PAGES AMP which consists of three sections AMP HTML, AMP JS and Google AMP Cache allows websites to make pages to load in right way into the mobile

#6. blog comments:

#6. blog comments One of the effective way to get backlinks and have the ability to bring high traffic without using any search engine


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