John T. Yeska Jr. Budding Lawyer

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John T. Yeska Jr. is studying to pass the Florida bar exam and start his career as a lawyer in Tampa. He plans on helping people deal with family law cases, tax law, estate planning, and more when he passes the exam. He plans on taking the exam in 2016.


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John T. Yeska Jr Budding Lawyer


John T. Yeska Jr Aspiring Commercial Pilot John T. Yeska Jr. is an aspiring commercial pilot who has started his training to fly large airliners out of Tampa, Florida, where he now lives. Yeska calls being a pilot his “dream job,” and has been planning on taking his final pilot’s exams soon after he reaches his required flight hours plateau.


John T. Yeska Jr Community Involvement John T. Yeska Jr. is involved in many different organizations in his community, including the Fraternal Order of Eagles, the Knights of Columbus, and the US Chamber of Commerce. Yeska has contributed to many charities over his career, including the Watson Foundation in central Michigan that provides scholarships to Catholic high school students.


John T. Yeska Jr Preparing for the Florida Bar Exam John T. Yeska Jr. has been preparing for the Florida bar exam in order to one day open his own private practice to help local clients in Tampa with issues relating to family law, estate planning, and labor law. He plans on taking and passing the Florida state bar exam in 2016.


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