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November 2009Gingerbread HouseCompetition? : 

November 2009Gingerbread HouseCompetition? ?Created By Sageypoo

House #1 : 

House #1 H Once upon a time there was a nice village that was peaceful. All of the sudden... an asteroid smashed and hurt all of the animals and caused them all to poop. The asteroid destroyed all of the trees and grass and pumpkins. It also flooded the lake. But the houses stayed standing because Gary Stulak built them. Awards Most creative Story Most Likely to get Damaged in an asteroid storm Most stinkiest house Most unusual choice Of building materials

House #2 : 

House #2 Once upon a time, there lived a kindly old cannibal woman who lived in a house of candy. She lived peacefully for most of her life with her Hershey Kiss Surrounded Patio and Private Golf Course. She lived mostly off the land with her candy corn and gumdrop garden. But, as fairytale endings rarely happen for cannibals, one day two village children who had been lost in the woods happened by her home and being very hungry, began eating it's delicious walls. She felt bad for them and invited them into her home, but the boy was very fat and would not stop trying to eat the house, so she shut him up in a cage. One day the girl somehow found out that the woman was a cannibal and assumed that the fir pit being built was to cook the boy up, so when the fire was roaring the girl pushed the woman into the fire causing her to be burnt to death. The boys and girl however did end up living happily ever after in their stolen house! THE END! Awards Most likely to get eaten/ Most Delicious Most likely to survive an asteroid storm Most Tim Burton-esque Story Most likely to be located in Beverly Hills

House #3 : 

House #3 After 500 years, Santa and Mrs. Claus will be moving their workshop to somewhere warm and sunny! This 2 story, 218 room chateau part of North Pole Development is charming and magical. Include the following amenities: never ending snow balls (the elves have many fond memories of snow ball fights); everlasting snowman; large yard; edible landscaping; and a recently bulldozed candy cane forest. House has A/C, fireplace, appliances, mailroom, and a toy room. The roof has been reshingled in the past 50 years and the candy cane decor can be loved by everyone. The 2 large wreaths are negotiable to stay with the house. Relatively new candy cane lane and front walkway. Tons of storage. 1st story surrounded by evergreens for extra privacy. Gumdrops on second level light up at night. Excellent school district!!!! Contact Santa to schedule a showing, and he will put you on his list to check twice! Awards Most likely to survive an asteroid storm Most Creative Most likely to survive a flood Most Whimsical Overall Winner: Most Funky Town

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The END Stulak’s Love The

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