Different Types of Full Body Safety Harness


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Different Types of Full Body Safety Harness Full body safety harness is used to protect the workers from fall arrest. It is a fundamental and mandatory requirement at today’s time for any workplace. There are various different types of full-body safety harnesses that one can find based on the requirement and safety standards. Here we will discuss the essential types of full-body safety harness and what are their benefits.  Fall arrest - The first and the commonly used type of full body safety harness is for fall arrest. These harnesses are designed with D ring and shoulder blades. When the worker encounters any fall during the work then these fall arrest full body harness will act as a saviour. It is designed using the latest technology using which it will automatically retract itself and protect the person from falling off heights. Along with this other fall arrest devices can be attached to these harnesses in particular.  Work position – The work of this full-body safety harness are designed with the requirements of the work being performed in the industrial or construction sites. The harness will be positioned on the waist of the worker leaving the hands free. It means the body of the worker will be connected with the harness while at the same time it will not restrict them for doing their regular job. At the time of any fall arrest the harness will restraint the worker from falling without any fail.

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 With rope – There are full body safety harnesses which are attached with a rope in order to provide extra safety to the worker. The harness can be worn normally and the rope will be attached to it and there will be an extra hook for further protection.  Descent – There are certain works in the industrial workspace where the worker needs to lower down or raised above the ground on a frequent basis. This full body safety harness is primarily created with a thought of connecting the harness to the body of the worker but not limiting their movement. The harness will be attached to the points like the chest or the waist which will help them to low or raise their body from time to time. It also allows other fall arrest devices to be connected.  These are the four main types of full body safety harnesses. To buy full-body safety harness with quality and adequate pricing please get in touch with us now at safety jackets suppliers

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