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The IBDP is a 10+2 program which is recognized by the universities in India and abroad. Universities consider the IB Diploma to be one of the most demanding secondary school curriculums offering ideal preparation for post secondary studies.


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Johnson IBDP School:

Johnson IBDP School All I Want to be

IBDP at Johnson:

IBDP at Johnson The IBDP at Johnson Grammar School, ICSE, though in its nascent stage, is proud to be the only IB School in the state to bring this program closer to the parent community. IBDP at Johnson an enriching experience both to parents and students. The IBDP is a 10+2 program which is recognized by the universities in India and abroad.

The IBDP Curriculum:

The IBDP Curriculum IBDP students choose a subject from each of the following 6 groups: Language A (English), Language Acquisition (French and Hindi), Individuals and Societies (Business Management and Economics), Experimental Sciences (Biology, Physics and Chemistry), Mathematics and the Arts (Visual Art). Students are allowed to opt for at least three and not more than four subjects at the higher level, while the other subjects are taken at the standard level.

Features - IBDP:

Features - IBDP The Diploma Programme features three core elements that broaden students ’ educational experience and challenge them to apply their knowledge. The Three Core Elements are: Write an Extended essay Study the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course Carry out activities in Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)

Why IBDP is Ideal ?:

Why IBDP is Ideal ?

Students University Placements:

Students University Placements

Contact Us:

Contact Us JOHNSON GRAMMAR SCHOOL, IBDP Street No.3, Kakatiyanagar, Habshiguda, Hyderabad-500007 +91 76610 46644  +91 76610 46611 +91 8106472685

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