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The presentation is helpful in providing students with a proper understanding about the degree of public administration and the ways through which they can understand the dynamics and requirements of this degree in an effective manner. For more


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EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES For public administration

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Education FOR public admin Education is vital for the overall development of these employees prisoners. Through education their outlook, habits and total perspective of life can be changed. Education of prisoners benefits the society as well as it leads to their rehabilitation and self-sufficiency. Education enhances and helps them in contributing to development.

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Instilling in them a sense of confidence. Developing amongst them social responsibility and consciousness. Fostering amongst them habits and attitudes necessary for adjusting in the community. Creating amongst them an awareness of the futility of leading a prosperous life and uplifting them morally, mentally and socially.

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Educational facilities available Both adult and formal education arrangements have been made for public administration employees. Educational activities are looked after with the help of Government resources as well as NGO's participation.

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Capsule computer courses of six months duration Bachelor of Arts/ Commerce/Preparatory Program Diploma in Creative Writing in Hindi/English, Certificate in Human Rights, Masters in Tourism/Management/Computers Post - Graduate Diploma in Distance Education Vocational classes in English/Hindi typing Present Scenario

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