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Hang on to good writing skills!

Transition Words:

Transition Words Transition words and phrases help make clear connections between ideas and see that sentences and paragraphs flow together smoothly, making them easier to read. What are transition words?

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Provide more information Provide an example Provide a cause or reason Provide a result or an effect Provide a purpose or reason Provide a comparison or contrast Provide a sequence Provide a summary Provide a conclusion Why do we use transition words?

Watch out for Transition Words:

Watch out for Transition Words Just like traffic signals on busy roads, transitions words tell good readers to watch out for a change of direction in the passage. “Good readers follow the signals. Hence , you will too!”

Common Transition Words:

Common Transition Words Because Meanwhile Otherwise Furthermore Therefore Additionally In addition Nevertheless Can you think of any more transition words?

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Besides Furthermore In addition Indeed In fact Moreover Second Third For example For instance In particular Particularly Specifically To demonstrate To illustrate

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It’s time to practice. Go to the next slide, read the sentences and choose the best transition word.

Transition Word Bank:

Transition Word Bank ________ the PE teacher talked with our class about physical fitness. ________ , she said it is important to exercise at least an hour everyday. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. ________, riding a bike is a great exercise. Roller-skating is, too. ________, find an activity you enjoy and get some exercise! So Today For instance In fact

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Great examining! Keep up the good work!

Transition Word Bank:

Transition Word Bank Dad and I went fishing; ________ Mom set up the tent. I like to eat chocolate and spam; __________ ,the combination makes my tummy sick. I must study for my tests; ________ I do not make good grades. I know that eating chocolate and spam makes me sick; __________ I eat it for breakfast every morning. because meanwhile otherwise furthermore therefore additionally however nevertheless

Which Transition Word works best in the following sentences?:

Which Transition Word works best in the following sentences? 1. _______________________ the president promised not to raise taxes, I think that he will probably raise them this year.   2. _______________________ my interest in the law, I want to be a lawyer.   3. Taiwan’s president is pro-China.  _______________________, there are now direct flights to China.   4. There are now direct flights to China. _______________________, it is much more convenient to travel.    5. _______________________  the price of gas, I will still drive my car to work every day.   6. My cat ate some poison. _______________________, he got sick and died.   7. _______________________ the poison, he got sick and died.

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